Aging is inevitable the same way that proper grooming is timeless. While a lot of people may say that personal grooming is vanity, it is really about welcoming changes in one’s daily routine… changes that can in turn help a man present his self with pride and confidence.

In terms of proper grooming, it is pointless to say that a little boy’s grooming habits can be enough to suffice a full-grown man’s personal care needs. Just like preference in clothes and perfumes, grooming also changes as one matures. As a guide to men who are going through major transitions in life, below are some of the top grooming tips they can use as they face a new chapter in their lives:


Use Sunscreen: When it comes to preventing premature aging, there’s no strategy more effective than shielding the skin against the sun’s harmful rays. The use of sunscreen does not only protect the skin from sunburn, but it also forms a barrier against long term UV damage that can build up over time. The problem is that most men forego the importance of applying sunscreen on a daily basis, and this is adversely affecting their skin’s ability to delay visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. In the like manner, a lot of people are left unaware on the fact that an SPF formula’s efficiency can only last for a few hours, depending on its SPF levels. Hence, it is important for men to re-apply sunscreen within the day to keep their skin protected.

Moisturize Regularly: Aging makes the skin more susceptible to dryness. Dry skin in older adults can either be a sign of aging or a signal of an underlying medical problem. Age-related dermal changes that include a thinner epidermal layer, a reduction in skin cell turnover, and a limit to the skin’s capacity to retain moisture can contribute to skin problems like xerosis. Thus, it’s important not only to monitor, but to take extra care of the skin to avoid skin conditions as one ages.

Personal Hygiene

Apply Deodorant Religiously: Body odor is a man’s worst enemy. Since men usually live a more active lifestyle, they have the tendency to emit body odor once personal hygiene is neglected. Plus, the glands in a man’s underarms produce more sweat, making this area very vulnerable to releasing a foul smell. Truth be told, the sweat secreted by the body is not foul-smelling in nature. However, body odor is produced when the sweat interacts with the bacteria thriving on one’s armpits. Hence, it is crucial for men to choose a deodorant that works harmoniously with their body’s natural chemistry.

Choose a Natural Deodorant: Certain ingredients in mainstream deodorants can aggravate skin problems. Just like laundry detergent, perfume, and other products, a deodorant typically contains fragrances, which irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions.

These conventional products contain aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals. Fortunately, natural deodorants are aluminum free. By using an organic deodorant, men can win the battle against body odor without suffering from health conditions in the long run.

Trim Nails: Keeping the fingernails and toenails trimmed can prevent a number of problems such as hang nails and infected nail beds. In terms of cutting the nails, it is best for men to avoid cutting the edges as this can result to an ingrown. Also, when it comes to nail maintenance, it’s alright for men to cut their nails on their own, but it is still highly advisable for them to schedule an appointment with a manicurist every now and then so their nails would be provided with professional care and attention. This is especially true since the nails can grow brittle with age.

Brush and floss: Ideally, brushing the teeth should be done after every meal. At the very least, men should brush their teeth twice a day and floss daily. Brushing minimizes the accumulation ofbacteria which causes tooth decay and gum disease. Flossing, on the other hand, helps maintain strong, healthy gums. For men of all ages, visiting the dentist at least thrice a year is recommended.

Hair Grooming

Trim Nasal Hair:  While little boys may not have to grab a scissor and a magnifying mirror just yet, older men need to keep their nasal hair in check especially since it can affect their overall appearance. It is true that hair inside the nose is essential as it aids in filtering dirt, but it should not protrude outside the nose. Once this happens, it can result to negative impressions, coupled with criticisms on the side. Trimming the nasal hair basically depends on how fast the hair follicles grow, so men should make it a habit to check it at least every week.

Check the Ears: Men should trim any hair that peeks out from their ear canal. In contrary to trimming the nasal hair, cutting visible hair on the ears necessitates an electric trimmer since it can help men gain access to hard-to-reach areas.

Pluck Unkempt Eyebrows: It is natural for men to have thick and bushy eyebrows, but a mono-brow is an unsightly view. To appear well-groomed, men should either trim or pluck excess hair follicles on their eyebrows so they can make a lasting impression.

Maintain Beard: In terms of beard maintenance, men should buy products that will nourish their beard and keep its hair follicles healthy. In addition to that, they should also make regular trimming a habit, so they won’t wake up to an overly bushy and tangled beard.

Hair: Male pattern baldness is a common problem faced by men who age. When hair thinning becomes visible, men should welcome this change with open arms. In the event that they decide to go completely bald, they should buy products that protect their head from harsh outdoor elements as taking care of a bald head can mean extra scalp care measures.

While practicing good grooming habits may seem minor, it can greatly impact a man’s life since it aids in boosting one’s self-esteem. As much as bad habits die hard, going the extra mile to build positive habits can prepare a true gentleman in his journey to take on the world.