Facial care is essential for every well-groomed gentleman. However, there are grooming crimes men commit, especially in the beard department. As a guide, below are some of the mistakes men should avoid so they can constantly stay on top:

Cave Man Beard

There is nothing wrong with sporting a good old grandpa beard or a finely trimmed mustache as long as men spend a minute or two in checking if their facial hair is on tip-top shape. However, some men overlook the importance of consistently grooming their facial hair, so instead of looking like a fine gentleman, they catch other people by surprise by their ‘straight-out-of-the-jungle’ look.

Regular beard trimming is as important as visiting the barbershop for a haircut. Unless his wish list includes sporting that lumberjack look, a man should always prioritize regular trimming and shaving so he can rightfully achieve his beard’s full potential.

Sporting a Poorly Groomed Stubble

The five o’clock shadow is one of the top male trends today. In fact, separate studies conducted in Northumbria University and in the University of South Wales suggest that women are more attracted to men with stubbly chins as compared to men with neatly shaven beard.

The results of the study might be surprising, but it definitely proves that well-maintained stubble can really add up to a man’s sex appeal. Hence, since it is clear that facial hair affects women’s perceptions, a bearded gentleman must be keen in maintaining his stubble.

Maintaining stubble is not rocket science at all since it can be enhanced by simply using an electric trimmer and religiously applying beard oil. By spending a few minutes in front of the mirror, men can successfully pull off that rugged image without looking like a dirty cave man.

Ditching Beard Oil

This top facial hair mistake deserves all the emphasis as the beard needs as much TLC as the hair on the head. Without high quality beard oil, the beard will look dry and straggly. In addition, neglecting the importance of beard oil application results to dry and rough skin.

As the skin underneath dries out, it becomes more prone to shedding. This eventually causes beardruff, which, as every respectable gentleman knows, is one of the most common problems affecting novice members of the bearded community.

Indeed, high quality beard oil is the ultimate beard savior. Aside from nourishing the skin and the hair follicles from root to tip, it also helps prevent split ends. It strengthens the hair from within as it facilitates each follicle’s ability to retain natural sebum. Hence, it is a necessity in every respectable bearded man’s grooming cabinet.


Over-shaving does not only result to razor burn, ingrown hairs and razor bumps, but it can also lead to increased sensitization and inflammation. As a result, men become more vulnerable to premature aging.

Men must understand that there is more to shaving than what meets the eye. Not only do they need to consider their beard type, but they should never factor out their skin condition as well.

Instead of mindlessly picking up a razor, a fine gentleman recognizes the importance of selecting an adequate shaving system with products that will assist him in his pre-shave, mid-shave and post-shave routines. By learning about the products that work perfectly for him and utilizing effective shaving strategies, he can reflect the man that he truly is, minus the razor cuts and burns.

Neglecting Cleanliness

As the famous movie line goes, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Sporting a beard may necessitate hard work, but it is absolutely more than worth it. Other than creating positive shaving and trimming habits, men should also focus on keeping their beard clean and neat.

In terms of proper grooming, maintaining a beard is a lot like taking care of regular hair. No matter how full and healthy the beard looks like, it wouldn’t help a man make a good and lasting impression if it looks ruggedly dirty. Therefore, massaging the facial hair with beard shampoo is necessary in getting rid of debris and unwanted dirt.

Also, a fine gentleman knows that he must keep his beard clean after eating. Remember, nobody wants to see the left over pasta or cheese dangling in that beard. Aside of taking small bites of the food, regularly wiping the face and checking the beard for unwanted dirt is an important habit of a well-groomed, bearded man.

Overlooking Eyebrows

A respectable gentleman knows that a mono-brow is a big no-no to the brows. Believe it or not, the eyebrows are actually one of the most important facial features of every man as it can express a range of emotions. While threading it in shape may be over-the-top, shaving excess brows and ensuring that it accentuates certain facial features is essential. Not only is a finely shaved eyebrow able to boost self-esteem, but it also helps a man portray the right image as well.

In terms of trimming and shaving off excess hair, threading can be extremely helpful, especially if a man needs a bit of beard scuffling. At the very least, men can also use trimmers to tidy up the outline of their brows and make a clear separation above the bridge of the nose.