Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

From beard oil to beard wax, a wide variety of beard products continue to appear in the male’s grooming section. As an addition to daily formulas, every bearded man’s daily routines, beard shampoo and conditioner are now gaining popularity amongst the bearded community because of the benefits they pose to users. The question is are they worth it?

Before investing in any product, it is important for consumers to understand why they are shelling out a few dollars to make space for a new grooming item. Below are some of the facts every respectable gentleman should know about the impacts of using beard shampoo and conditioner.

Regular Shampoo vs. Beard Shampoo

Its natural for men to assume that regular shampoo and beard shampoo are one and alike. However, these two products work in completely different ways. Regular shampoo is designed to provide proper care to the hair and scalp. It functions not just by cleansing the hair, but by stripping off excess oil that the sebaceous glands generously produce. This explains why regular shampoo use can make the hair look shiny, minus the excess grease. On the other hand, beard shampoo, also known as beard wash, cleanses the hair follicles of the beard while locking in moisture and essential oils integral for the beard to grow healthier and fuller. In contrary to regular hair, beard hair follicles necessitate oil, which explains why beard oil is vital in nourishing the beard. Together, beard shampoo and beard oil can facilitate beard growth.

Why Beard Shampoo isn’t a Replacement for Beard Oil

As aforementioned, beard shampoo does a great job in getting rid of dirt and sweat in the beard. While it locks in moisture, it is not enough to supply the beard with the necessary amounts of oil needed for it to grow healthily. In the first place, the job of beard shampoo is primarily to keep moisture intact, not to supply oil to the hair follicles.

As the beard grows longer and thicker, the amount of sebum oil supplied by the sebaceous glands becomes insufficient. Without the help of beard oil or beard balm, the beard will grow dry and dull, making it crucial for a man to incorporate beard shampoo and beard oil in his routine. This may mean more time and effort, but in a bearded man’s perspective, the extra minutes spent on washing the beard with the right product and supplying it with essential nutrients is more than worth it.

How Does a Beard Conditioner Work?

One common problem circulating the beard community is the itch and discomfort associated with growing a beard. While it is normal, men should not take this matter into sitting as there are always remedies that can help them enjoy their days as a fully-bearded man. A highly efficient beard conditioner works by providing extra protection to the layer of skin underneath the beard. By maintaining a balanced, anti-itch pH level, a man can put his beard-related problems to rest.

How Often Should Men Use a Beard Shampoo and Conditioner?

The beard plays a major role in warding off dirt and pollutants. However, external factors can affect the beard, especially if one’s environment is jam-packed with pollutants and dirt. This is especially true when a bearded man regularly smokes since chemicals fumed by cigarettes can really pile up into the beard.

Just like using regular shampoo, it is highly recommended to use beard shampoo every other day. Daily beard shampoo application is excessive, and is therefore a complete waste of money. To keep track of their beard shampoo usage, men can wash their scalp hair and their beard in alternating days. The same rule applies for beard conditioner application.

Beard Shampoo, Beard Oil and Beardruff

Nobody in the bearded community wants to wake up with beardruff. Unfortunately, beard shampoo alone isn’t enough to prevent beardruff from crushing every man’s dream of having a long and healthy beard.

Before asking why, let’s look at some of the reasons why beardruff exists in the first place. When the hair follicles grow, the sebum oil the sebaceous glands produce becomes inadequate to nourish the hair and the layer of skin underneath the beard. Naturally, the skin becomes dry and flaky, which then results to beardruff. Hence, instead of using beard shampoo as a remedy, applying beard oil is the wiser thing to do since it keeps the hair follicles nourished from within, preventing the skin to flake.

How does beard shampoo help in this regard? While beard oil is enough to keep the beard moisturized, beard shampoo is vital in locking in moisture. This is mainly why beard oil and beard shampoo greatly complement each other in terms of providing the beard all the necessary nourishment it needs.

Beard Dye and Beard Wash

Facial hair also bears resemblance to scalp hair as it is also prone to graying due to old age. In fact, some men can even wake up to graying areas in their beard even in their 20’s, making beard dyes a natural resort for men who want to keep their beard without having to look too mature.

In comparison to regular scalp hair shampoo, beard wash is more effective in maintaining the color of the beard dye while keeping the beard nourished with essential oils and nutrients.

While not all bearded men are willing to shell out extra money for beard care products, it is important to note that proper care is crucial in maintaining a healthy and long beard. Without these grooming products, it can become increasingly challenging for men to live their bearded days to the fullest.

John Cowan