Across 10,000 Miles – The Mongol Rally

July 19, 2015 marked the start of the 12th Mongol Rally known to be the greatest motoring adventure on the planet.  In a nutshell it is driving ~10,000 miles from the London, England to the Russian city of Ulan Ude in a shit car with an undefined route.  It is pure, distilled adventure.  Can you die? Yes.  The rally consists of three golden rules. Rule One – Small & Shit: meaning a 1 L engine or less that is intentionally more likely to break down and thus allowing interaction between people of the world, learned skills, or death and doom.  Rule Two – On Your Own: meaning quite simply that you are traversing completely unfamiliar terrain with the understanding that if you are hurt, lost, captured, broke down, or any other extreme or likely problem, you must help yourself.  So prepare to be resourceful and maybe brush up on Pictionary.  Rule Three – Save the World: meaning you must raise at least £1000 with at least £500 going to Cool Earth which works to protect rainforests and the rest going to a charity of your choice.  Alluvian donated funding and helpful grooming products to become a partial sponsor of one very special team.

Enter in The Nerdventurists.  A team of three ladies and a mustache rocking gent that will bask in risk and uncertainty for fueled freedom, adventure and existential gain, not to mention raising money for charity (Cool Earth and The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America).    Their proposed route can be seen here but will consist of traveling through England, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Mongolia.  The Nerdventurists will be updating their experience through social media via FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  We look forward to time ahead while they are completely in the moment.  If you feel like donating to The Nerdventurists and their charities, visit their gofundme site here.

John Cowan