In Oscar Wilde’s words, “Behind the perfection of a man’s style, must lie the passion of a man’s soul.” Indeed, money can’t buy impeccable style, but men can always use a little help from top grooming items.

By having access to items that can help them build positive grooming habits, they are ready to take on the world. The question is, out of all the products displayed on men’s grooming section, how can one readily identify the items that really deserve a spot in a respectable gentleman’s closet?

Truth be told, men have differing needs and preferences, so when choosing a gift, it’s all a matter of learning about a man’s grooming habits. However, there are still some items that never fail to make it to the wish list of a well-groomed man. To narrow down the options, below are some of the best gift ideas Alluvian highly recommends for classical men:

Shaving Kit

While some men prefer to grow their beard, there are others that can’t last a day without facing the mirror to check if they already need a proper shave. Instead of randomly reaching out for the razor, a fine gentleman knows that he needs to exert extra time and effort to achieve the perfect shave. Aside from being skilled in shaving, he also has a set of grooming items that enable him to unlock his full shaving potential.

Alluvian’s Ultimate Shave Box is a dream-come-true for men who desire a one-of-a-kind shaving experience. Packaged in a reclaimed cigar box that every classical man would love, the Ultimate Shave Box contains an organic cotton cloth, a Caravel Shave Brush, a shave soap and a pre-shave oil and beard oil.

As a bonus, consumers can choose amongst a wide variety of shave soaps and oils that Alluvian offers, making the Ultimate Shave Box a versatile gift item. Indeed, any man can find delight in this grooming product because it doesn’t limit consumers in terms of selection. Instead, Alluvian creates a positive grooming experience by allowing men to decide on the products that best suit their personality and style.

Grooming in a Box

Since there are a lot of mainstream products that overpromise and under-deliver, many men shy away from trying out new products that fail them at the end of the day. With this in mind, Alluvian took the liberty of assembling all the necessary grooming items formulated for men’s delicate needs.

Handsomely packed in a reclaimed cigar box that matches the exquisite design of the Ultimate Shave Box, Alluvian’s Daily Grooming Box, as the name implies, consists of the top essentials of daily grooming. Not only does it contain organic hair products that nourish hair follicles from within, but it also pre-packaged with beard maintenance and shaving tools for men.

In addition to the Isle of Man Beard and the Hair Aquatic Botanical Soap, it is also packed with Beard Balm de Garde, Alluvian’s Moustache Wax, top-grade hair and beard brushes, and stainless steel trimmers. With all of these items combined, proper grooming is always just a heartbeat away.

Soap Collection

While write-ups on the negative effects of using mainstream ‘moisturizing’ bars are already rampant, a lot of consumers are still unaware of the long-term environmental and medical consequences they might to face once they continue to use ‘bars’ that are, in reality, detergents in disguise.

With the welfare of all its consumers in mind, Alluvian has formulated botanical soaps that contain natural and high-end ingredients that mainstream bars lack. Aside from naturally sourcing ingredients that provide optimal benefits to users, Alluvian continuously offers variety since it aims to reach out to every male consumer.

The Aquatic Botanical Soap Box has 8 varieties of soap packaged in a reclaimed cigar box, making it the perfect gift for classical men who value their selves and their environment. With these soaps as a part of their grooming regimen, men can sleep soundly at night knowing that they are using authentic soaps that do not contain harsh ingredients that poison the marine ecosystem.

Alluvian promises to provide its consumers a one-of-a-kind grooming experience. With nothing but top-grade products on their lane, men can now face their tomorrows with joy and confidence. Now, proper grooming is not a million light years away, thanks to Alluvian’s dedication in bringing authentic products into its consumers’ doorsteps.