Cologne Scents 101

A Types of Scents

Men should be careful in choosing the scent they use as it says a lot about the image they would like to portray. From floral to musky scents, men have a wide array of fragrance options to choose from.

When shopping for the perfect cologne, men need to consider one important factor—purpose. While a respectable gentleman wants to smell good, he knows that he needs more than just one perfume to cover his needs for every occasion.


A single bottle of floral-scented perfume can feature single or multiple flower scents which often include white floral, spicy floral and sweet floral fragrances. Perfect for a week-end get-away or a laid-back Sunday, floral scents are reminders that life is sweet and beautiful.


Featuring vanilla and amber, oriental fragrances are a mix of wooden and floral scents. Often enhanced by camphorus oils and incense resins, oriental perfumes are unique as the mixed ingredients emit a more defined scent.


Fourgeres are one of the best fragrances for men as they are characterized by their sharp, herbaceous and woody smell. This lavender-based scent is a man’s best friend as it embodies masculinity at first spritz, making it a top choice for men who love portraying a strong image.


Chypres are basically a mix of warm, woody elements and citrus notes. Distinct in aroma, this scent is perfect for men with a strong personality.


From tangy notes to tropical fruits, fruity scents never fail to stay on top when it comes to perfume varieties. Ideal for morning strolls in the beach or a normal day at the park, fruity scents never fail to add sweetness in a man’s overall ensemble.


As the name denotes, herbaceous scents are moss and crisp in character. Often, this line includes mint, rosemary, lavender and basil. Ideal for a tree-hugging gentleman, herbaceous scents can make other men turn green with envy.


Gourmand-based scents can make any man smell as sweet as cakes and other desserts. With mixes that often include vanilla and tonka bean scents, a gourmand-based perfume is perfect for a man who is out on his first date.

Just like choosing a necktie, a respectable gentleman carefully picks his scents as he knows that a spritz or two of his favorite perfume can help him make a lasting impression. Instead of settling for just one scent, he shops for more than just a bottle of perfume as he knows that aside from dressing for the occasion, he also needs to smell perfectly for the occasion.