Facial Hair Considerations

Every respectable man in the beard community knows that keeping the facial hair well-groomed is one way to keep the women’s head turning. Aside from looking for the appropriate facial hair style, a man also needs to invest in a grooming kit for his stubble.

In addition, not because a facial hair style is popular, it can already work for all face shapes. At the end of the day, it’s all matter of looking for a style that makes a man look mature enough to handle a woman without looking overly dominant.

Aside from his face shape, a man should also consider his lifestyle when growing a mustache. Factors like work and personality should be greatly considered before growing a mustache and a beard.

Lastly, not all men are genetically gifted with a full and thick facial hair. If the hair strands are thin and the beard looks patchy, then it’s always better to keep the beard and the mustache cleanly shaved.

Keeping it Clean

As mentioned earlier, keeping the face cleanly shaven is better than sporting a patchy beard. Although some men need to wait for months before they could wake up to a thick beard, other men can only grow thin beards despite their efforts to grow full stubble.

As a general rule, if the beard or mustache looks depressingly thin after a month or two, then it’s time to reach out for a razor. Let’s face it: there’s no sense in fighting against genetics.

Tip: Keeping it clean doesn’t mean that men should ditch proper grooming techniques. Rules also apply even when shaving, so men need to create a solid shaving routine. Basically, shaving rituals need to be done after shower so the skin’s pores would open up.

Also, men need to invest in a pre-shave oil or cream so they can achieve the cleanest and most comfortable shave. Once prepping methods already took place, men should drag a high quality razor on their skin without going against the grain. By doing so, they can avoid razor bumps and ingrown hair.

Lastly, after shaving, men should wash their face with cold water to close their pores. If there are visible minor cuts, applying cold compress can help in avoiding skin inflammation.

For the Love of Mustache

Mustaches come in a variety of shapes and styles. However, just like growing a beard, it necessitates time, patience and proper maintenance.

Furthermore, a man’s face shape should also be an important consideration when styling a mustache. For instance, men with an oval-shaped face can look better with a slightly triangular mustache at a medium length while those with square-shaped faces can try sporting a heavy mustache with the ends extending beyond the mouth’s corners.

Tip: Men with a mustache should invest in a blade and a trimming scissor so they can get rid of unwanted hair. Trimming should be done while the mustache is dry since it can appear longer than it really is when it is wet.

In terms of maintenance, men should regularly comb their mustache so they can keep it in proper shape and style. Looking for a high quality facial hair wax is also important so the mustache won’t look messy.

When combing and styling the mustache, men should not weigh down the hair follicles. Instead, they should go lightly on their facial hair so their mustache won’t look dull and flat.

The Immaculate 5 O’clock Shadow

Not too clean and not overly lengthy, the 5 o’clock shadow is the best facial hair to consider if a man wants to look sexy and masculine without going over-the-top on the beard. Plus, it is considered appropriate even in the corporate world.

Moreover, many women find the 5 o’clock shadow attractive. This basically explains why Adam Levine and Chris Evans get all the sighs of admiration from the women. A classical facial hair style that has grown in the hearts of the ladies, the 5 o’clock shadow also necessitates styling and maintenance.

Tip: Stubbles grow at a different rate. While other men can sport the 5 o’clock shadow after a day or two, some men need more than 48 hours to get their hair at a workable length.

When growing the 5 o’clock shadow, men need to remember that the sideburns typically grow faster than other facial hair, so they need to constantly check and keep their trimmer within their reach. After all, a respectable gentleman knows better than to keep an overgrown sideburn.

Also, when growing their stubble, men need to keep their facial hair in check. If their skin is getting dry, flaky or itchy, they should use a beard shampoo to get rid of dirt in their stubble, along with beard oil to moisturize their hair and their skin.