Father's Day Special: Old Traditions and Memories

Tough on the outside but soft on the inside, our fathers have always been there to guide us and mold us into the person that we are today. From teaching us how to play catch to leading us into becoming a better man, they deserve our life-long gratitude. Father’s Day is around the corner and it’s time we pay tribute to some of the good old traditions that they have generously passed down to us.

Car Show

Surprisingly, some men don’t even know how to change tires. If you grew up with a father who has always been a car enthusiast, you surely have a basic knowledge on how to fix your car without asking help from the mechanic around your block. Aside from repairing cars, a good Father’s Day treat would be a trip to a car show.

All father-son relationships are unique the same way that every bonding experience can be different. While others love camping, some prefer going on a cruise. Whichever activity brings happiness for you and your father, it’s always important to look back, cherish the moments you’ve had together and make new memories with the entire family not only on Father’s Day, but every day of your life. After all, most of us owe everything to our fathers.

Barbershop Shave

Whether or not your father was too busy at work, most fathers find time to show their son how to shave and why it’s important. It may not be anything special and all-too-dramatic for you, but if your father introduced you to his barber, he actually welcomed you into his world a little bit more. As you visited your barber together, you may have learned about how he engaged into conversations, along with widening your circle and learning how to respect different perspectives. Alluvian has many grooming products to compliment receiving a shave such as Shaving Soap or Rejuvenating Aftershave Serum! Limited time offer to save on all Alluvian products last until June 19!

Play Catch

Do you remember the times when you spent playing catch? Well, thanks to the long hours you spent on the yard with your father you may be pretty good at playing catch. Learning how to play catch may not be rocket science, but this traditional game has strengthened father-son relationships over the centuries. Whether or not you are a sports enthusiast, playing catch provides an opportunity for meaningful conversations, making it one of the best traditions to pass down to your children.

Go Fishing

Fishing may be an old man’s pastime, but hey, we can’t deny the fact that it leaves more than enough room for that ultimate father-son bonding experience. Aside from teaching you how to perfectly maneuver the fishing rod, your father also taught you one very important value in life—patience. Yes, good things definitely come to those who wait, and you can tell that the moment you had your first real catch. The great thing is, your sea adventures don’t need to stop now that your old man is not fit enough to run 10 miles. You can always rekindle the moments you and your dad had with the fishing rod simply by arranging a fishing adventures on his special day. You can also bring your sons too so they can bond with grandpa over the long wait. Sounds like a plan? I thought so!

Go Camping

Camping may be too conventional, especially if you are living the fine city life, but it’s always a great way to bond with your father and the rest of the family. Aside from it being a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to travel, going on a camping offers every father the chance to teach his son how to become street-smart. Whether or not you became an eagle scout, I’m sure your father was there to teach you camping basics like setting up a tent and a campfire. Now that Father’s Day is on the horizon, reliving your good old memories by going camping with your dad is one way to really make your old man feel special.

Go Biking

With so many modes of transport out there, why even bother learning how to ride a bike? For one, it’s eco-friendly. It doesn’t add up to the emissions from different types of vehicles. Plus, it’s budget-friendly and it offers opportunities for us to bond with our fathers as we explore more places and meet locals.

However, no one was born with knowledge on how to ride a bike. Luckily, our fathers ensured we have all the skills we need to ride our bikes and overcome even the most difficult bike trails. In addition, we also became more aware on the road rules, making us a more adept to biking. Indeed, there are so many things we should thank our dad for, and now that Father’s Day is fast approaching, you might want to find a trail that you and your dad can really enjoy and explore together—you know, the ones you have never been to before. After all, your father will surely use a bit of exercise. Just pack water and some money for snacks on the road, and you are safe to go! Don’t forget to check out whether our old man is holistically prepared for the bike trail of your choice. Consult his doctor if you must so you won’t have to deal with problems with his health condition.