Grooming Hacks Every Man Should Know

Proper grooming can leverage a man’s success rate, whether he is applying for the job of his dreams or he is asking a gorgeous woman out on a date. Indeed, proper grooming is never just about vanity; instead, it’s a weapon respectable men use so they can step up on their game.

However, not all men are willing to spend a few minutes to keep their mustache in check. While this is understandable, ditching proper grooming habits can reflect a man’s inability to take responsibilities. If he cannot take care of his self, how can he possibly take care of others?

As a guide to all men who would like to take their grooming game seriously, below are some grooming hacks every self-respecting gentleman should know:

Use Olive Oil to Clean Ears

It is no secret that the frequent use of cotton buds is disadvantageous to one’s health. Nevertheless, this isn’t an excuse for men to ditch decent ear-cleaning techniques.

Instead of investing in cotton buds, men can clean their ears with the use of olive oil. This may sound strange, but this is one of the best strategies men can use to clean their ears inside and out.

To successfully clean the ears, the olive oil should be pre-heated to body temperature. Then, a dropper should be used to dispense a few drops of olive oil into the ear while the head is tilted to one side. Afterwards, men should distribute a few drops of water inside the ears to dislodge the ear wax.

Shave after Shower

A fine gentleman knows that a close, comfortable shave can earn him the respect he needs. Rather than looking like a nomad, he exerts time and effort to get rid of his unwanted facial hair.

However, while novice shavers mindlessly pick up their razor without prepping their skin, a well-groomed gentleman knows that he needs to dampen his face with warm water before shaving. Since warm water opens the pores, men can achieve a closer shave, minus the razor nicks.

Also, a fine gentleman invests in pre-shaving tools that can help him look his best. Aside from a high quality razor, he also uses a pre-shave cream or oil so his razor can effortlessly glide through his facial hair without damaging his skin.

Treat Razor Nicks with Lip Balm

Indeed, razor nicks are a professional shaver’s mortal enemy. While alum blocks and styptic pencils are the go-to of men who despise razor cuts, there are others who are contented with the relief offered by a lip balm.

Lip balms are waxy in texture, making them efficient in sealing small nicks. Aside from a lip balm, men can also dampen the affected area with cold water since it effectively closes the pores. However, if the cut is too deep, men should consider going to the hospital especially if first aid remedies don’t work.

Dry Razors with a Hairdryer

A fine gentleman knows that he needs to clean his razor before and after use not only to achieve the closest shave, but to prevent infection as well. Instead of wiping the razor, men can use a hairdryer to fully dry their razor.

Hairdryers are efficient in wiping out unwanted hair. In the like manner, completely drying the razor minimizes its chance to oxidize and rust later on. Hence, to save money from buying another razor, men should make it a habit to dry their razor before leaving the bathroom.