From the iconic mustache of Charlie Chaplin to the masculine beard of Gerald Butler in 300, beards of all shapes and sizes have become more than just a sex symbol. However, for many men, the road to an epic beard is often long and winding, especially when beard patches enter the scene. Nonetheless, no matter how disheartening a beard patch might be, reaching out for the razor is not always the solution since growing an epic, blotch-free beard is just a few inches away with the use of the right beard-growing techniques.

Let the Beard Grow

Growing an epic beard can truly test a man’s patience. Aside from the long wait, men need to endure the itch and the discomfort brought about by hair growth. Nevertheless, beard patches and other beard-related problems should not shake a man’s desire to grow an epic beard. As the famous cliché goes, “Never give up. Great things take time.”

During the beard-growing process, it is natural to spot patchy beard portions after a few weeks. The problem is, a lot of men tend to shave their beard once they wake up at the blotchier side of the bed, leaving the past few beard-growing weeks behind and breaking their bearded dreams.

Instead of reaching out for the shaving cream, men should give their beard at least 1 month to grow. Only by doing so can they reach their beard’s full potential. After a month, they can decide whether they should continue growing their beard or not.

Shape the Beard

If after a month or so into the process, beard patches are still visible, men can always resort to shaping their beard and letting it work to highlight their facial features. Invest in a high-grade beard trimmer and ask advice from the experts, A.K.A. barbers. Although the beard may not be as lengthy as Santa Claus’ or Gandalf’s, trimming the beard can work to a man’s advantage as the beard can be shaped in accordance to his jawline and other facial features.

For instance, a five o’clock shadow can conceal patches while providing men a masculine and well-defined beard. When reaching out for the beard trimmer, men should work their way on both their jawline and cheeks so they can achieve an even and neat-looking beard.

Combing vs. Brushing

Combing the beard is definitely advantageous as it trains the hair to grow in a particular direction. For instance, since the mustache has a tendency to curl up, using a comb is ideal because it will train the hair follicles to grow downwards instead of upwards. The only disadvantage is, combing the beard can make the hair follicles prone to lying flat on the skin, which can consequently make the beard look thinner than it really is.

By contrast, brushing the hair gives the beard a fuller and thicker look. However, it does not offer the same styling advantages that combing provides as beard brushing works primarily to distribute the beard’s natural oil.

Hence, combing the beard during the early phases of beard growth is ideal since it provides hair follicles direction. Plus, it can also help cover beard patches along the way. Then, mid-way during the growing process, men should switch from combing to brushing so they can achieve a fuller and richer-looking beard.

Apply Beard Balm

The use of combs and brushes are very efficient in training the hair follicles and making the beard appear thicker. Nevertheless, men should take extra measures, especially since hair follicles have the tendency to spread and redistribute throughout the day. This is where beard balms come into play.

Beard balms are usually comprised of naturally-derived ingredients such as carrier oil, essential oil, butter and beeswax. While beeswax does a great job in holding the beard together and keeping it styled within the day, butter and oil components in a beard balm are potent moisturizing and nourishing agents. Since hair follicles need moisture and nutrition to grow, applying beard balm can potentially eliminate patches and enable the hair to appear fuller.

In addition to that, carrier oils offer the beard extra protection against dandruff and other beard-related problems. The essential oils, on the other hand, provide the beard balm a distinct, pleasant scent.

Well-Balanced Diet

Beard supplements are unnecessary since the nutrients found in synthetic products can be naturally found in food. Hence, a well-balanced diet plays an important role in beard growth.

For instance, since protein is known for facilitating hair growth, it is best for men to add up on their protein if they want to achieve a fuller and thicker beard at a shorter timeframe. Lean meat, fish, chicken, nuts and beans are rich sources of protein, making them the perfect addition to a bearded man’s diet.

In the like manner, biotin, a nutrient commonly found in beard supplements, can also be sourced out from eggs, milk and carrots. With all of these in mind, it is safe to say that men should not focus on finding the best supplements, but on creating well-balanced diet that facilitate hair growth.

When beard patches keep on appearing despite all of these efforts, it is best for men to embrace the patches by looking for styling techniques that complement their facial features. After all, an epic beard doesn’t necessarily mean a long and full beard. As long as the beard does a great job in highlighting a man’s facial features, it’s already epic in the truest sense.