From Justin Bieber’s thousand-dollar haircut to George Clooney’s classical hairdo, there is no denying that stylish men are up to make the grooming game more intense. However, studies show that majority of men can experience hair loss as they age.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, about 2/3 of Americans experience hair loss by the time they reach 35 years old. With genetics as a major player in one’s risk for male pattern baldness, it is challenging to find a remedy for this condition.

The worst part is, hair loss may be purely physical, but it definitely affects a man’s self-esteem. Healthy, full-grown hair signifies youthfulness and masculinity the same way that hair loss implies ageing. As hair goes down the drain, so does a man’s self-confidence.

However, while there may be no direct remedy for this condition, men can still resort to simpler techniques to fight thinning hair. The earlier men seek for preventive measures, the higher their chances are in bidding goodbye to a receding hairline.

Identify the Root of the Problem

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition that old grandpa generously hands down to his sons. While signs may not be apparent during the early stages of life, hair thinning becomes more prominent when a man reaches his thirties.

This condition is a product of one’s sensitivity to testosterone’s by-product, dihydrotestosterone. Recognizing male pattern baldness is easy as the hair is only visible on the middle top and the sides of the head. To put simply, it forms a pattern resembling letter M.

However, if hair thinning occurs across the scalp, then other underlying health conditions may be the culprit behind one’s baldness. Low protein levels, along with thyroid problems, can also cause baldness in males.

Hence, it is crucial for men to consult a doctor and ask for a scalp biopsy so they can track the main cause of balding. By doing so, they can look for solutions that directly address their specific condition.

Use a Legit Hair Thickening Shampoo

Advertisements on hair thickening shampoos are rampant nowadays. Since so many fake products are out in the market, consumers need to be cautious on buying a particular hair-thickening shampoo since only a few contain substances that are scientifically proven to battle hair thinning.

Instead of mindlessly grabbing a product from the grooming section, men need to carefully read the labels. Out of all the ingredients that claim to stimulate hair growth, only ketoconazole is scientifically proven to lessen hair shedding.

Ketoconazole is basically an anti-fungal ingredient that is efficient in fighting against dandruff by gradually reducing the production of testosterone that is present in hair follicles. Based on a study, applying shampoo with 1% ketoconazole twice a week can lessen hair shedding by approximately 17%.

Use FDA Approved Drugs

After careful evaluation, Propecia and Rogaine have gained the approval of FDA. Nevertheless, consumers using these products should be more aware on their use and side effects.

According to studies, Rogaine is efficient in stimulating hair growth. Nonetheless, the results are not immediate, and it can also cause shedding during the first two months.

Aside from using the product at least twice a day, users should also patiently wait for 6 months before they see actual effects. In other words, men should not be discouraged in case hair thinning is still prominent after a few weeks of usage.

Propecia, on the other hand, works by hindering the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. But while this is true, consumers still need to be more aware on its possible side effect.

A study revealed that this substance can potentially cause problems with the nerve-signaling pathways that lead down to the penis. This can in turn decrease libido and affect a man’s sexual drive.

While only minority of men experiences this side effect, consumers should weigh whether they can afford to deal with this possible effect. Otherwise, they might end up regretting they ever bought the product. Indeed, nothing beats being a proactive consumer.

Stop Smoking

Smoking may be a hard habit to break, but men who are serious about fighting hair thinning need to turn their back on this vice. Based on a research in the Harvard School of Public Health, smoking triggers the release of hormones associated with hair loss.

In addition to this, the chemicals in a cigar are also well-known vasoconstrictors. As smoking constricts the blood vessels, it also impedes blood circulation to the scalp.

The blood supplies the scalp with all the nutrients necessary for hair to grow. With a limited amount of nutrients, the hair follicles cannot grow optimally. Hence, once smoking continues, hair thinning progresses until the head turns bald.

Eat in Moderation

A study in India found a correlation between eating fried food and hair growth. By lessening fried food consumption, men can hinder the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone since the level of oil gland activity significantly lessens.

In the like manner, men can fair better in fighting against hair loss by avoiding extreme sugar intake since the excess release of insulin can increase testosterone levels. As testosterone spikes up, so is its tendency to convert into dihydrotestosterone.

Let the Hair Dry Naturally

Hair follicles are more vulnerable when they are wet. Therefore, excessively combing the hair after shower can cause strands to snap one stroke at a time. To avoid this, men should dry their hair the natural way.

Likewise, it is also important for men to style their hair using their fingertips, especially if hair thinning is already prominent. Nothing is worse than going outside the house with flat, thinning hair. Instead of combing the hair, add texture to it by ditching the comb.

Embrace Thinner Hair

It is important for men to note that hair thickening strategies can only go so far. While Rogaine or hair-thickening shampoos can help protect the remaining hair follicles, they cannot guarantee users a full head of thick hair after months of use.

Lastly, once male pattern baldness progresses, men can resort to going completely bald or getting a shorter haircut. Either way, it’s basically all a matter of being positive and finding light in every situation. After all, a self-respecting gentleman knows his value, with or without his once luscious mane.