Razor burns and bumps are far from being a friend to men who can’t go a day without reaching out for their razor. A painful skin condition that affects one’s overall shaving experience, razor burns are a plague in the shaving community. However, it is never too late to learn some precautionary measures that can bump off one’s possibility of unintentionally welcoming these shaving-related skin conditions.

Understanding Razor Burns

According to studies, around 99% of people worldwide take measures to remove their unwanted hair—50% of which has sensitive skin, making them more prone to razor burns. Razor burns are small abscesses or dark spots that typically appear on areas prone to shaving. It can be caused by a variety of factors including the use of old and dull razors, along with improper shaving methods.

How to Prevent Razor Burns

A razor burn can really affect men’s shaving routine, making preventive measures integral in optimizing one’s shaving experience. To prevent razor burns, below are some of the most important shaving techniques even expert shavers highly recommend.

Use an Effective Exfoliating Agent

According to grooming and skincare specialists, men should never neglect the importance of washing and exfoliating the skin before shaving. By getting rid of excess oil and dry skin, the razor blades won’t get clogged, resulting to a pleasant, bump-free shave.

For successful exfoliation, men can either use a loofah or an exfoliating product that contains natural ingredients. Chemical-free exfoliating agents don’t only remove dead skin cells, but they also fight against hair ingrown at an early stage.

Find a Razor that Works for You

There is a wide array of razor products available for men, which explains why it can be difficult to find a razor that perfectly suits a specific skin type. From straight razors to disposable ones, deciding on a razor that can help one achieve an outstanding shave can be an overwhelming experience.

For starters, men who are prone to razor burns are better off with single or double-bladed razors because the triple and quadruple razor blades can be too strong and too irritating for the skin. As they go along, men can then explore on more options as they try on different shaving products and learn new shaving techniques.

Replace Razors as Needed

Skin and razor compatibility isn’t the only thing that gets in a man’s way in achieving a flawlessly smooth shave. Experts suggest that razors should always be replaced, especially if men are using disposable razor types.

When razor blades become old and dull, more pressure is required to cut off excess hair. This results to uneven cuts that eventually lead to razor bumps and burns. Hence, it is advisable to change the razor blades after 10 uses, or when the blades look dull. Also, cleaning the blades every after use will help remove excess dirt and oil.

Don’t Shave Against Hair Growth

A common mistake committed by inexperienced shavers, shaving against hair growth can irritate the skin and consequently lead to razor burns. To facilitate a smooth shave minus the razor burns and bumps, don’t go against the tides. Instead, shave parallel to the direction of hair growth.

Keep Shaving Routines Hot and Cold

Everyone who’s a part of the shaving community is aware of the fact that dry shaving can lead to skin problems later on. Nonetheless, aside from keeping the area damp, washing the face with warm water is also important as it dilates the pores, which aids in achieving a smooth and effortless shave. If razor bumps or burns still keep on appearing, try applying a hot towel on the area first before shaving, and shave in a moist room.

After shaving, turn on the faucet and wash the shaved area with cold water to close the skin’s pores. Then, quickly grab a moisturizer.

Buy Shaving Products with Calming Properties

Alcohol-free shaving creams and products should be taken out of every man’s closet as they tend to irritate the skin. Instead, it is better to purchase organic shaving products that contain glycerin, an ingredient that intensely moisturizes the skin and strengthens its natural barrier.

In the like manner, products that are primarily made up of essential oils can provide endless benefits to the skin because of their efficient moisturizing and hydrating properties. Men can also resort to natural ingredients they can find in their home such as aloe vera and coconut oil.

Men in the shaving community may always be prone to razor burns and bumps, but it is never impossible to completely walk away from these skin conditions. By devising an effective skincare and shaving ritual, razor burns can always be bumped off in no time.

John Cowan