Aging is inevitable. While children can’t wait to grow old, older men and women look for countless ways to turn back the hands of time.

Since the demand for anti-aging products continue to escalate, experts endlessly look for ways to fight the signs of aging. From youth serums to cosmetic surgeries, a wide array of products and treatments are now available for every consumer.

However, a respectable gentleman knows that there’s no point in fearing the future. Instead of looking for the fountain of youth, he recognizes signs of aging at an early phase and fights them before it takes a toll on his body.

Grey Hair

Genes play a crucial role in one’s tendency to wake up to graying hair. While other men spot gray hair in their 30’s and 40’s, others can notice white hair strands even at their 20’s because of hereditary factors.

Dyeing is one of the best ways to conceal gray hair. However, men don’t really need to reach out for their dyeing brushes every 3 months or so since they can also fully embrace their white hair.

Like what they say, don’t conceal it; flaunt it. Just like George Clooney and Richard Gere, white hair can add up to a man’s sex appeal. A symbol of wisdom and masculinity, white hair looks fresh and bold. In fact, it can even be a man’s signature style.

Hair Loss

Men commonly experience hair loss during their 50’s. Aside from aging, other factors like heredity and lifestyle also play a big factor on the early onset of hair loss. According to studies, 2/3 of Americans experience Male Pattern Baldness, which usually begins once a man reaches 35. Nonetheless, men shouldn’t assume that genes are already the culprit behind their thinning hair. To effectively combat hair loss, men must first identify the reasons behind it.

To prevent hair thinning, men should avoid smoking as it impedes blood supply to the scalp. Also, men should consult an expert and ask for tests so they can understand the reason behind the early onset of baldness.


Fine lines and wrinkles become more visible once a man reaches his forties. One of the most common signs of aging, wrinkles often appear due to the low collagen production in the body.

Men can resort to serums and collagen-rich products to reduce fine lines and prevent wrinkles. Also, applying sun block and moisturizer can play a vital role in keeping wrinkles at bay.

Full spectrum sun blocks with high SPF levels can fight the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Moisturizers, on the other hand, provide the skin with the nourishment and hydration it needs.

Weight Gain

As the body ages, it loses lean tissue, which can consequently cause the muscles to shrink. As a result, the body becomes more prone to accumulating excess fats. This leads to unwanted weight gain, especially when a man is already in his 30’s.

Since weight gain is just as inevitable as ageing, it is important for men to become more careful on the food they put on their plate. A well-balanced diet is crucial not only in losing weight, but in preventing diseases as well.

Also, regular exercise can help men trim down excess fats. Exercise needs vary from one person to another. It basically depends on one’s health condition. Before starting a program, it is best for men to seek advice from experts.

Switch to a Healthier Diet

Processed foods greatly contribute to aging since they contain preservatives and other harmful chemicals that damage the skin. This explains why many men are now warming up to the idea of cleaning up their plate.

Instead of buying food from fast food chains, men should eat foods rich in anti-oxidants as these can eliminate toxins in the body. Also, they must stick to a well-balanced diet so they can provide their body’s daily nutritional needs without going overboard.

Increase Vitamin D Intake

While men should avoid overexposure to sunlight, hiding from the sun from dusk till dawn won’t help either. Sun exposure is necessary for acquiring vitamin D, which is crucial for skin and bone health.

If the body isn’t able to absorb vitamin D efficiently, men should load up on foods that are rich in this vitamin such as fatty fish, canned tuna, fortified milk and egg yolk. Additionally, men can also turn to supplements.

Stay Positive

Stress greatly contributes to premature aging. While 50-year-old men with a positive perspective can look 10 years younger, a man who does not know how to properly handle stress can look older than their age.

Hence, engaging in enjoyable activities is crucial in inhibiting the release of stress hormones. Likewise, having a positive outlook in life can enable men to effectively cope with stress. By having a happy disposition in life, men can successfully reverse the hands of time without going under the knife.

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