Prolonged sun exposure can cause life-threatening diseases, including melanoma. According to a new research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, majority of Americans are not regularly using sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Furthermore, statistics also show that men are more vulnerable to suffer from skin diseases as compared to their female counterparts mainly because the latter are more proactive in applying sunscreen on their face and the exposed parts of their body. Hence, awareness needs to be raised on the importance of using sunscreen, especially amongst men.

Why to Apply Sunscreen

Men are biologically designed to be more active and outgoing. Since they spend more time outdoors, they are more vulnerable to extended sun exposure. Therefore, it is vital for them to apply sunscreen regularly if they aim to protect their skin.

In addition to that, men should religiously re-apply sunscreen throughout the day so they can get the best out of their skincare regimen. Basically, men who are out sunbathing can prevent sunburn and other skin-related diseases by re-applying sunscreen every 2 hours. However, the frequency of re-application varies on other factors as well, so it is essential for men to read the labels and do their research before buying a specific product.

The Pros of Using Sunscreen

Shields the Skin from Harmful Rays

While it is true that a man needs the sun for his daily dose of Vitamin D, it doesn’t mean that he should put his health at risk. SPF blocks harmful rays from penetrating the skin and triggering skin disorders, so it is an important part of one’s daily regimen.

When shopping for a sunscreen, male consumers need to look for a product with broad-spectrum coverage as it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. While the former is associated with premature skin aging, the latter is strongly linked to sunburns.

Prevents Sunburns

Without a protective barrier, the skin can significantly weaken and suffer from peeling, swelling, redness and itching due to harsh UVB rays. In the like manner, the frequent occurrence of sunburn heightens one’s risk for melanoma. With this is mind, it is important for men to apply sunscreen so they can protect their selves from this life-threatening disease.

Choosing the Right Sunscreen

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released new regulations for sunscreen labels. As a guide to consumers, the American Cancer Society reveals that it is essential to look for a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum UV coverage and an SPF of at least 15.

In addition, it is also recommended for consumers to refer to the label to learn about the product’s ideal frequency of re-application. According to FDA, products that have a ‘water resistant’ label can last for 40 minutes, while those labelled ‘very sweat-resistant’ or ‘very water-resistant’ can be re-applied at least every 80 minutes.

SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 50

A sun block with SPF 15 filters out approximately 93 percent of all incoming UVB rays. On the other hand, consumers who would like to maximize their protection can resort to a sunscreen with either SPF 30 or SPF 50 as they block out 97 percent and 98 percent of UVB rays, respectively. These products may seem to have a minimal difference, but for someone with a history of a skin disease, the extra percentage could make a lot of difference.

Other Tips for the Fine Gentlemen

  • It is best to opt for a broad spectrum sunscreen lotion or gel that is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic as these sun creams provide a shield against UVA and UVB rays. Also, these products are popular for safeguarding the skin from rashes, clogged pores, acne, and sun burns.
  • Men who love engaging in outdoor activities should choose a waterproof sunscreen with at least SPF 30.
  • Applying sunscreen should be done half an hour or at least 15 minutes before going out under the sun. This will allow the skin to fully absorb the ingredients in the formula.
  • Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours, or immediately after swimming or sweating.
  • Ask someone else to help you apply sunscreen on hard-to-reach spots of the body.

How much sunscreen to apply

The suggested amount of sunscreen per application is at about 1 ounce. Studies show that most people apply only half to a quarter of the aforementioned amount, which means that the actual SPF users apply on their body is lower than advised.

Meanwhile, when spending a day at the beach, one should use around half to one quarter of an 8 ounce bottle of sunscreen. Reapplication is just as important as putting the sunblock on the first time. Sunscreens should also be reapplied immediately after swimming, toweling off, or sweating.

The importance of using sunscreen to protect one’s skin couldn’t be emphasized enough. With so many skin-related diseases out there, it is about time for men to stop denying their body with the protection they can get from a high quality sunscreen. By applying an extra barrier of protection on his skin, a fine gentleman can be protected from head to toe no matter what the day brings.