Proper maintenance is the key to a lustrous beard. While it is true that it takes time and effort for a man to fully achieve his beard goals, a bit of sculpting along with daily maintenance can make the beard look clean and classy.

For the bearded men who don’t want to wake up looking like a lost cave man, below are some tips for a smooth beard growing and sculpting process:

Trimming Focal Points

Trimming is essential in maintaining a well-groomed beard. Aside from investing in a quality trimmer, learning the right trimming technique can be a bearded man’s edge when it comes to achieving a flawless-looking beard. As a guide to all novice trimmers, below are some of the techniques that can help them fully optimize their beard’s full potential:

The Jawline: Men who are not a fan of the “chin strap” or a goatee should not follow the actual jawline when they are trimming their beard. Instead, they should trim their hair down to where the curve of the jawline and the neck meet. In this case, the shadow acts as a guide when grooming and shaping the beard properly.

On the other hand, men who have a long beard are suggested to take the razor and start trimming from the neck downwards so they can successfully distinguish the hair growth from the neck and collarbone.

Cheek Check: If a neatly groomed or trimmed cheek line is desired, men are recommended to pick a line that complements their beard. To facilitate sculpting, start with imagining a line from sideburns to mustache. For best results, they could start drawing a line at the meeting point of mustache and cheek hair and end the line at sideburns. After setting the “mark”, they could trim the hair above the line. Afterwards, they should round off the area where the cheek line and sideburns meet.

Use the Right Tools

Men need to keep the right tools within their reach when they are sculpting their beard. However, it is not always easy to choose the right set of tools, especially if a man is still inexperienced in trimming or sculpting his beard. Most of the time, deciding whether or not to use an electric tool can be a daunting experience. Basically, manually trimming the beard and using an electric tool both have their pros and cons.

Electric Sculpting: Using an electric tool is the easiest way to sculpt a beard. Nonetheless, styling the beard can be more challenging when using this tool, so it is not recommended for novice sculptors who would like to achieve precision.

Manual Sculpting: When it comes to manually trimming or sculpting the beard, many men in the bearded community highly recommend the use of a scissors. However, novice sculptors and trimmers are not limited to solely scissors and electric shaver. As mentioned earlier, manually sculpting the beard can lead to precision. The only downside is that it can be more time-consuming as compared to electrically sculpting the beard.

The Essence of Conditioning a Beard

A beard needs regular care too. Since it can grow dry and dull when unkempt, it necessitates daily moisturizing. This is especially true if the beard is long and bushy. While the sebaceous glands produce sebum, it is not sufficient to keep the hair follicles healthy once they fully grow. Aside from applying moisturizer and sunscreen on the face, beard care products are necessary since they provide enough moisture to the follicles.

Beard Oil: Nothing tames a wild and bushy beard like the regular use of beard oil. A high quality beard oil product does not only keep the beard smooth and velvety, but it also prevents dryness. Hence, while trimming or sculpting the beard is a must to keep the length within control, a beard oil product aids in making the beard look presentable. No matter what the occasion is, a bottle of beard oil can supplement the beard with all the nourishment it needs.

The Perks of Getting a “Beard Buddy”

Men can come across a lot of beard myths as they start to grow their own beard. In reality, no one can train their beard to grow in a particular direction unless they already have all the necessary tools at hand. Also, in contrary to popular belief, shaving the beard won’t facilitate beard growth. Therefore, men who are just getting started in growing their beard should ask advice from men who are already a part of the bearded community as they can provide guidance on properly maintaining the beard. By asking advice from friends or professional groomers, men can embark on their beard and mustache journey with peace of mind and joy.