While deciding whether to shave or not is one thing, choosing which type of razor to use is another. Basically, men want to get the closest shave. The problem is there’s no particular razor out in the market that’s perfect for every shaver as factors like skin type and hair structure can affect the razor to glide effortlessly through the skin.

Electric Razor

The e-powered shaver is perfect for men who are always on the go. For decades, the electric razor has been a friend to businessmen who greatly value time, and this is why it is a popular choice amongst consumers. However, there are advantages and disadvantages shavers must consider before buying this shaving tool.

Pros: If speed and efficiency are the factors shavers take into great consideration, an electronic shaver would be the perfect choice. Aside from being quick and sturdy, it doesn’t require the use of a shaving cream and water. Men can just skip on their pre-shaving rituals and reach for the razor right away, especially during times when they need to rush to the office for an 8 o’clock meeting.

Cons: Selecting the electric razor over other razor types means choosing speed over quality. While men won’t need to spend too much time to complete their morning shaving routine, using an electric shaver won’t give them a close and comfortable shave.

In addition, electric shavers are brutal on the skin, making skin irritation and acne a common problem encountered by men who use this shaving tool. Since the shaver isn’t as sharp as other razor types, men are required to glide it through their face for a couple of times. Repeatedly going over an area causes natural oil build up to spread into the skin, thus clogging the pores and resulting to pimples.

Disposable Razors 

Disposable razors, also known as cartridge razors, are thrown away after a few shaves. Designed with a lightweight plastic handle attached to the shaving head, disposable razors are amongst the cheapest and the most popular razor types nowadays.

Pros: Disposable razors are not only inexpensive, but they can also be found in every convenient store. Perfect for men who are in dire need of an emergency shave, a disposable razor offers a quick and easy mustache fix. It is ideal for men who love traveling light as it can easily be disposed.

Cons: A disposable razor has a comfortable handle. However, since it is lightweight, men need to apply more pressure on the grip, which adds up to the discomfort brought about by shaving. In addition, unlike other razors, the blades of a cartridge razor are made of rickety steels, making them efficient for only 2 to 4 uses.

Furthermore, while marketing myths make people believe that multiple blades offer a better shave, science proves otherwise. In reality, multiple blades can severely irritate the skin, making them bad for daily use. As the blades get dull, users are required to let the razor glide through the skin a couple of times. As a result, the skin becomes more vulnerable to dryness and razor bumps.

Double Edge Razor

 Introduced in the 1970’s, the double edge razor, more popularly known as safety razor, is one of the earliest tools for shaving. A single blade is characterized by two sharp sides. Since the design of safety razors are to protect the skin from the blades, regular trips to barbershops are replaced by grooming at home.

Pros: A double edge razor is a great investment for men who can’t go a day without shaving because of its durability. While using a double-edge razor may seem expensive at first glance, replacing the worn out blades is cheaper than buying disposable razors. The best part is, a double edge razor results to a closer shave because its slim design enables users to cut hair in areas that are hard to reach such as the nose and neck crevices.

Cons: Although this classical tool is a certified winner in terms of quality and price, using a safety razor also has its drawbacks. Despite its protective device, it doesn’t guarantee users a cut-free shave since perfecting the use of this tool requires time and effort.

The Straight Razor

Known as a cut-throat razor, this traditional shaving tool is grabbing the attention of the modern men today. It doesn’t only resemble a knife, but it cuts like one too. It is characterized by a long straight metal with a razor sharp tip attached to a pivoting handle.

Pros: This razor offers men the closest and the smoothest shave. In addition, unlike other razors, it only has one blade. As mentioned earlier, multi-bladed razors can cause skin irritation, making single-bladed razors such as the cut-throat razor perfect for men with sensitive skin.

Cons: The upfront cost when straight razor shaving is at the higher range of the price scale. Moreover, shaving with a straight razor is more complex as compared to other razor types. Inexperienced shavers can easily get cuts and nicks out of their shaving routine if not given enough time and attention.

Razor Type: Personal Choice

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect razor’ as every razor type has its own pros and cons. Just like choosing shaving products, selecting a razor is all a matter of personal preference. It is highly dependent on one’s lifestyle, shaving skills and level of needs. When shopping for a razor, consumers need to pause and consider some of the factors that can greatly affect their shaving routines. After all, for some men, shaving is not only a 5-minute ritual; it is a part of their lifestyle.