Behind every gentleman is an equally laudable wardrobe. Indeed, having the right cluster of garments and accessories will make him stand out in the crowd. With this in mind, the secret to easily building the perfect wardrobe lies entirely on choosing and the right set of items.

However, with the ever changing fashion trends nowadays, acquiring the essentials for the ideal wardrobe may seem like a time-consuming challenge for many men. From dressing up for casual weekends to the most formal events, here are the things every gentleman needs in his wardrobe:

10 Essential Garments

A fine, respectable gentleman can stand out not only by his actions but also by the clothes he wears. With so many items showcased on the man’s fashion lane, choosing between a suit and a basic tee can be a real challenge. As a guide, below are must-have items that men should invest in:

Basic Tees

One indispensable item that should go into a gentleman’s wardrobe is a perfectly fitted shirt. This is a genuine must-have for situations that call for comfort and ease. White shirts are considered as the most versatile shirt among the variety of basic tees.

Regular Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is also a piece that is just as effortless to wear. The only difference is that it is classier and it is more appropriate for golf sessions and the likes. Polo shirts come in a wide selection of colors that can completely harmonize a gentleman’s wardrobe.

Classy Button Up Shirts

Ideal for laid-back weekdays, the button up shirt is a great addition to a gentleman’s closet. It can either be worn on its own or with a blazer, depending on the occasion.

Reserved Suits

Every gentleman should have a suit or two in his wardrobe. Perfect for daily work wear, a suit gives a gentleman the sharp edge he needs in every situation.

Comfy Sweatshirts

Exclusively for the lazy weekends, a sweatshirt provides a relaxing break from a gentleman’s demanding and frenzied work week.

Formal Dress Shirts

For any formal occasion, a true gentleman needs to look clean and pressed, which is why a selection of dress shirts is a good addition to his flawless wardrobe. White and pale blue dress shirts are idyllic for formal affairs.

Versatile Blazers

Like a true gentleman standing out in any situation, a blazer adds sharpness in any ensemble. A real gentleman should indulge in this piece to class up every occasion.

Coats and Sweaters

A gentleman must also be prepared to withstand the chilly weather conditions. His wardrobe should include coats, sweaters and an assortment of scarves to keep him warm and comfortable during the cold and rainy seasons.

Jeans and Chinos

Whether he is going for a sporty look or a formal one, a true gentleman completes his wardrobe with a pair of denim jeans and casual chinos. Jeans mostly match well with shirts as they exude a casual vibe.

Chinos, on the other hand, are ideal for formal occasions. Combine it with a polo or a button up shirt to achieve a classy and elegant style.

Shoes and Socks

Every gentleman needs a pair of shoes and socks that will complement his clothes. His wardrobe should incorporate a versatile choice of footwear he can wear for every occasion: dress shoes suited for corporate events; and a pair of sneakers for weekend getaways.

Fundamental Accessories

In addition to clothes and garments, an investment in excellent accessories is a plus. A well-chosen accessory can complete any outfit and make a man stand out in the crowd.

Posh Watch

Not all men wear watches, but some gentleman indulges in an impressive timepiece to complete his ensemble.

Silk Ties

A true gentleman should possess a selection of ties that will spice up his wardrobe. There are unlimited ways of mixing and matching this dandy piece of accessory with his entire ensemble. However, he should keep in mind the significance of choosing the proper tie that will go perfectly with his suit.

Leather Belts

A great pair of pants combined with a suitable belt is a must-have for gentlemen who want to look prominent. An elegant leather belt can make heads turn as it makes men look smart and classy.


Sunglasses not only provide eye protection against the harmful rays of the sun, but they also add style in one’s ensemble.

Cuff Links

Gentlemen who wear cuff links look more professional and well-dressed, making it another extraordinary addition to an ideal wardrobe.

Modish Wallets and Messenger Bags

Carrying a number of items around without looking disorganized is a sign of elegance. Hence, an ideal wardrobe should have messenger bags and wallets that are great for complementing any outfit.