Growing a beard is not rocket science. However, while other men simply resist the urge of picking up a razor to allow their beard to grow, a true-blooded bearded man knows that growing a beard is a big responsibility. More than waiting, he adds spice to his beard-growing journey by using the right beard care tools and products that nourish his beard inside and out.

As a guide to all men, below are some epic tips for growing and maintaining an equally epic beard:

The Waiting Game

Just like what every man in the bearded community knows by heart, growing an epic beard takes time and patience. With the right frame of mind, coupled with the right set of tools and beard care necessities, every minute of dreadful anticipation can turn into a fun-filled beard-growing journey.

Basically, men have their own reasons for growing a beard. Whether it’s for styling purposes or for the opportunity to meet new friends in the community, it is important for men to note that growing a beard takes more than a pail full of patience.

During the first two weeks, beard growth can already be noticeable. However, along with growing hair follicles, the beard can also appear patchy and shaggy. In addition to that, beard growth can also be associated with itchiness, which is extremely uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the brave and the dedicated beard growers know better than to reach for their razor. Instead of giving up on their bearded dreams, they continue their journey without hesitation. As months pass by, the beard grows longer until it reaches its maximum length.

To make the waiting game easier to bear, below are some tips to enable men to grow the most luscious beard:

  • Eat Healthy: Supplements for hair growth are not necessary once a balanced and protein-rich diet is in place. To enable the hair follicles to grow, it is important for men to include fish, almonds, chicken breast and other protein-rich foods in their diet. While they won’t wake up to a long, epic beard right away, these foods can sustain their hair follicles with the nourishment they need.
  • Get Enough Sleep: Sleep is integral not only in maintaining holistic health, but in growing a beard as well. Hence, it is important for men to get adequate sleep since it will help their hair follicles grow healthily.
  • Patience is Always Key to a Healthy Beard: Whether it’s no-shave November or not, men should keep their razors and trimmers out of their closet if they dream of waking up with an epic beard. Instead of picking up a razor, a man needs to develop the patience and resilience to grow a beard. Also, men should not resort to beard sculpting during the early stages of beard growth as styling the beard too early won’t leave them enough hair to work on once the beard grows.
  • Be Visual: The road to a luscious beard is often rough and curved. However, an inspiration can help a man get through even the most challenging phases of this journey. While it is true that there is no need to fuss over a beard, a well-groomed man knows that beards come in a variety of shapes and styles. Rather than placing his beard’s fate to other people’s hands, he takes a proactive approach in looking for beard styles that would greatly complement his facial features. Lastly, even before he decides to grow a beard, he already looks up to a bearded idol that inspires him in his beard-growing journey.

Beard Maintenance

Waiting is excruciating, but it’s definitely more than worth it, especially if it’s for the sake of a full and luscious beard. Indeed, looking at the mirror and having the privilege to sport a full-length beard is fulfilling. Nonetheless, it is never as easy as it sounds. When it comes to maintaining a beard, it is essential for men to keep these top tips in mind:

  • Keep the Right Tools: Once the beard is full grown, it is integral for men to keep the right set of tools so they can keep their beard intact. Beard-trimming scissors, along with a beard clipper, a beard comb and a beard brush, are essential to style the beard. Also, combing the beard even at an early phase allows the hair follicles to grow in the right direction.
  • Don’t Ditch the Beard Shampoo: Washing the beard is important in getting rid of debris and bad odor. Nevertheless, a lot of bearded men assume that regular hair shampoo can also be used in their beard. This is the most common misconception in the bearded community. In reality, regular shampoo is never enough to suffice the need of beard hair follicles. To ensure that the beard gets all the right nourishment it needs, it’s important for men to use products that are especially formulated for their beard, and grabbing a beard shampoo and conditioner is a great way to start this good grooming habit. In terms of frequency, if the beard is already 3-month-old or older, experts recommend men to wash their beard about once a week or as needed.
  • Invest in Beard Oil: While beard oil is not necessary at the first few days of beard growth, the beard necessitates extra oil for optimum nourishment inside and out. This is especially true since the sebum oil that the sebaceous glands produce becomes inadequate as hair grow thicker and longer. Not to mention, beard oil smells terrific too. Hence, men who dream of a healthy beard needs to keep a beard oil bottle or two in his closet.
  • Don’t Neglect Skin under the Beard: Even if a beard is epic enough to cover a man’s face, it doesn’t mean that he already has the right to overlook the skin underneath his beard. Healthy, beautiful skin is always the key to healthy beard hair follicles. Hence, aside from washing the beard religiously, men should also put a warm moisturizing cloth over their skin to open its pores. Also, massaging the skin every once in a while will also facilitate hair growth.
  • Wax as Needed: While other men can live without ever buying a beard or mustache wax, others include this item in their list of styling necessities, especially since some occasions call for impeccable style. When buying a wax, it is important for men to note that there are different types of waxes. The decision to buy one basically depends on the hoarseness and length of the hair. Hence, there is no such thing as a perfect wax. Men simply need to explore on their options so they can find the wax ideal for their hair follicles.

Beard maintenance is not as simple as it seems as it requires time and effort. However, men should never give up on their dreams of sporting an epic beard as it is more than worth it in the end. Just like growing regular hair, the beard needs proper care and attention for it to grow epic inside and out.


John Cowan