In the year 2013, an Australian study was conducted on the preferences of women when it comes to men’s facial hair. The study included 351 women who were tasked to choose from a clean cut, a 5-day light stubble, a 10-day stubble, and a full facial hair growth. Amongst all the options, women rated the 10-day old beard as the most attractive hair length.

Aside from being attractive to women, the stubble has become popular to men because it projects a rugged image and it accentuates the facial contour. According to women, stubbles at just the right length make men look more dominant, sexy and masculine.

However, it is no secret that it is not easy to maintain facial hair. As a guide to all men, below are some tips in achieving the stubble that can signify power, masculinity and dominance:

Does a Stubble Look Fit Me? 

While some men think that maintaining stubble is as simple as letting their hair grow, respectable gentlemen know better.  The truth is, just like growing beard, sporting stubble also necessitates care and attention.

The question is, how does a man know if the stubble look fits his needs and personality? For starters, men who get easily irritated by regular shaving can resort to maintaining a stubble since it doesn’t require extensive morning routines.

Also, a stubble adds masculinity to a man’s facial features, so men who would like to turn their backs from that baby face image can use a little help from a stubble. The best part is that most workplaces allow the stubble look. Rugged but posh, a stubble can add an X factor to a man’s facial features.

Stubble Limitations

Thin facial hair growth is one of the biggest obstacles in achieving a perfectly-grown beard. A facial hair that looks half-baked counteracts one’s attempt to pull off a masculine look. Hence, it is important for men to check out if the hair growth can warrant a stubble beard look.

In line with this, applying beard oil can aid in supplying the nutrients needed for the stubble to grow full and healthy. Also, eating protein-rich food facilitates optimal beard growth.

Nonetheless, it is also important for men to note that not all stubbles are created equal. While others can grow their facial hair without going the extra mile, there are some men that aren’t genetically gifted to sport facial stubble.

Use an Electric Hair Trimmer

Using a pair of scissors can be difficult and even dangerous when cutting out unwanted facial hair. To unleash the full potential of their stubble, men need to invest in high quality electric hair trimmers.

For starters, they can select a longer setting on the trimmer because this will even out the hair length. Nevertheless, note that while this technique is ideal for men with thin stubbles, it can look a bit scruffy for men with thick beards.

Once done, men should trim down on shorter increments until the desired length is reached. Applying shaving oil is also more advisable than using shaving foam because it facilitates clearer visibility.

Cleaning Up and Defining Boundaries

Contouring the stubble will generate that rugged but clean-looking effect. To get started on cleaning the stubble, take the guard off the trimmers. Then, trim out the excess hair to clean the edges and create a well-defined soul patch, moustache and neck hair. Finally, use the jaw line as a guide in shaving out the hair on the neck.

Learn from the Experts

A fine gentleman knows that humility can bring him to greater heights. Shaping the stubble can be quite hard, especially for a beginner, so learning from the experts can help a novice achieve that desired designer stubble. By seeking advice from professionals, men can learn how to maintain and sport the stubble that works perfectly on their face shape.

For instance, a barber, through years of experience, knows what shape and definition work best on basically any type of beard and face shape. Once the stubble is outlined, it is easier to follow through and maintain it since it is already shaped in accordance to a man’s specific needs.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

Facial hair blocks out moisture away from the surface of the face. An oil moisturizer or conditioning oil will keep the skin hydrated and prevent the face from drying out. Exfoliating, on the other hand, prevents the occurrence of ingrown hair.

Therefore, it is vital for men to start good habits that include moisturizing and exfoliating if they want to achieve that flawless, rugged look while protecting their skin. As they always say, great stubble can only come from a healthy and well-moisturized skin.

A Rugged Look Requires Appropriate Clothing

Portraying a rugged image is never difficult. With the right set of clean clothes and a go-getter attitude, men can effortlessly turn heads in no time. However, men should also keep in mind that going over-the-top can make them look like a gentleman unworthy of respect.

Instead of wearing overly rugged and messy clothes and sporting a messy hairdo with unkempt stubble, men should always apply this basic principle: simplicity is always beauty. Rather than keeping it messy from head to toe, men should always opt for a cleaner look by wearing the right clothes and keeping their facial hair well-maintained.  This way, they can turn into a posh and rugged-looking man who deserves all the attention.

With the dashing image the “five o’clock shadow” imitates, any man can be ready to face the world with confidence. By nourishing his stubble and the skin underneath it, he can be the Adam in every Eve’s eye, minus the razor.