From going to school with a bad haircut to choosing the right shaving cream, the transition to becoming a man can be challenging. However, at this time and day, society places much importance on how men present themselves to the public.

Hence, it is crucial for men to turn their backs from the grooming mistakes they commit every day. While old habits may die hard, it is never too late to step forward and welcome new grooming products aboard one’s grooming kit.

Going Overboard on the Cologne

The right perfume can be more than enough to turn women’s heads, which explains why men endlessly splurge on fragrance products. However, sporting too much perfume or cologne is not really ideal, especially since these products were formulated to emit a strong masculine scent. Instead of going overboard on the cologne, a spray on each pulse point is enough to make any man sizzle as he walks down the corridor.

Ditching the Moisturizer

While women may be more active in buying moisturizing creams and other beauty products, this doesn’t mean that men should ditch the idea of applying a moisturizer on their face every day. Although a man’s skin may appear thicker on the outside, it is not fully equipped in battling against harsh outdoor elements. Basking under the sun without protection can result to skin dryness and pre-mature aging.

A moisturizing cream serves to replenish skin, which is why it is already considered a daily necessity, no thanks to global warming. To add extra protection to the skin, it is best for men to apply a moisturizer and an SPF, as these will work in tandem to nurture the skin and protect it against the sun’s harmful rays.

Neglecting the Feet

A man’s feet can tell whether he takes personal hygiene seriously or not. Unfortunately, a lot of men do not exert enough time and effort in practicing proper foot care habits. Aside from buying low-quality socks, many of them go straight to bed after a long tiring day. While this may be understandable, men should realize that their feet need attention too. Otherwise, they might end up with smelly feet or worse, athlete’s foot.

To prevent this, men should buy high quality socks that can efficiently absorb sweat before it gets all-too-clingy on the feet. In the like manner, they should greatly consider incorporating a foot care formula like a foot salve or a foot powder into their daily routine, especially if they are living an active lifestyle.

Showering with Cold Water before Shaving

Shaving is a mix of science and art. While some men reach out for a disposable razor, a true gentleman knows that getting the closest shave should be one of his main goals every time he preps his skin for his shaving routine. Now, one of the most common mistakes men commit is showering with cold water prior to shaving. Instead of doing so, it is best for men to wash their face or shower with warm water so their skin’s pores would open up. For best results, men should also consider using a pre-shave oil or cream since these products enable the blade to glide effortlessly through the skin.

Growing Nose and Ear Hair

No matter how neat a man’s overall ensemble is, the sight of protruding hair from the nose and the ears can make a bad impression. Fortunately, men are just a few seconds away from trimming their hair on these areas. With the use of a trimmer, they can easily get rid of visible hair that messes up their overall appearance. In the like manner, men should also exert extra effort in shaving or trimming the hair on their neck, especially if they are going to present their selves in front of a crowd.

Shopping for Harsh Soaps

Some mainstream moisturizing bars are not categorized as ‘soaps’ because in reality, they are detergents that contain harsh ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate. The problem is that most men grab harsh soaps in an effort to get the most out of their daily cleansing routine without knowing that they are posing harm to their skin. As a result, their skin dries out and they become more vulnerable to premature ageing. To counteract this, men should start looking for milder formulas that have potent moisturizing ingredients. By doing so, they can get the most out of their personal care regimen.

Sporting Messy Mustache and Beards

While most men prefer shaving, there are others who are proud to be a part of the bearded community. There is nothing wrong with keeping a beard or a mustache as long as it doesn’t look messy. After all, if a man doesn’t know how to take care of his beard, how else can he probably take good care of the other parts of his body? Instead of making monthly trips to the barber to maintain their beard, men should grab their own trimmers and work on cutting the edges of their beard. Also, using beard oil or wax is integral in making sure that the beard looks healthy and well-maintained. As a bonus, these products are also efficient in making sure that the beard smells terrific, making them the perfect addition to a bearded man’s grooming kit.

Foregoing Eyebrow Maintenance

Most men might say that plucking and eyebrow threading are completely out of their league, but this doesn’t excuse them from maintaining their eyebrows. If eyebrow threading is just unbearable, trimming excess or overgrown eyebrows is the least thing a respectable gentleman can do to make a good and lasting impression. This is especially true since the eyebrows can express a range of emotions.

Concealing Baldness

Hair thinness is common as men age. However, there are some men who go the extra mile just to conceal their thinning hair. From buying wigs to looking for products that promise men a fuller-looking head, the efforts exerted by men who go against male pattern baldness can be extensive. What they fail to realize is that hair thinness is not something they can perfectly conceal. Instead of masking it, it’s better if they accept and embrace it so they can find better solutions in the long run.

For instance, they can look for haircuts that can greatly complement their appearance. Also, they can completely shave their head, especially when hair thinning goes out of hand. The more they recognize male pattern baldness as a common occurrence, the more they will be able to lay the foundation of a strong grooming habit.

While some people might say that proper grooming is just purely physical, it changes a man from within as it strongly boosts his confidence in dealing with other people. Bad grooming habits can be difficult to forego, but by starting a healthy grooming routine, men can optimize their full potential and become the best version of themselves.