Growing a beard may be every man’s rite of passage, but it necessitates patience and proper grooming techniques too. As the famous saying goes, “If a man cannot take care of his own beard, how can he take care of his family?”

Just like other parts of the body, the facial hair requires attention especially since growing a beard or a mustache greatly affects a man’s physical appearance. Additionally, poor grooming habits can lead to beard-related problems such as facial hair dandruff, split ends and dryness.

What You Need to Know Before Growing a Beard

Let’s Face the Facts First

Some men can effortlessly grow a full beard, while others simply do not have enough testosterone levels to support their bearded dreams. If the beard still appears blotchy after about 2 months, it won’t get any better after a few more weeks, so it is always best to just shave the beard fully.

Patience is a Virtue

Growing a beard requires patience and self-restrain especially during the first few weeks. Aside from the urge to use shaving products, men also need to fight against the itch especially if they are used to shaving their manly beard.

Also, since the beard grows at quite a relatively slow pace, men should give their beard enough time to grow. The first 4 weeks may be the most agonizing part since men should leave their beard untouched during so, but waiting this long before they decide to trim their facial hair is more than worth it as some hair follicles grow faster than others. Giving the beard ample time to grow can result to an evenly styled beard in the long run.

Let the Beard Grow

A growing beard, when left untouched, may look chaotic at first glance, but it is important for men to wait until the beard is at about 1 inch in length before starting to style and shape it. One of the most common mistakes a rookie commits is styling the beard without knowing the appropriate beard style for his face shape, or over-styling the beard at an early phase. Trimming mistakes takes time and patience to correct, so it is always best for men to wait and ask for styling tips from their barber if they are still inexperienced.

Tips for the Bearded Men

Trimming is Essential in Keeping the Beard in Shape

Once the beard’s length is ideal for trimming, men should prepare all the necessary pruning tools. While some pros may resort to an electric trimmer as they can already perfectly maneuver the device, other men still opt for the traditional scissors and comb since it is more effective in shaping and styling the beard. Traditional trimming methods give users more control over the beard, resulting to a more precise cut.

Know When to Trim

Men who aim at keeping their beard long are still advised to trim their beard every 2 months just to avoid split ends. Meanwhile, beards that are shorter can be cut more frequently, with just a few weeks of interval.

Combing Versus Brushing

A high quality beard comb is usually used for styling purposes, while a beard brush can add more dimension and volume to the beard after every stroke. While the two may differ in function, regularly brushing or combing the beard will stimulate hair follicles to grow.

Regularly Wash thy Beard

Washing the beard daily, especially during the early stages of growth, is crucial for getting rid of dirt trapped into the hair follicles. Also, using a conditioner to keep the beard in good shape is important to make the beard look its best.

Take Advantage of Organic Beard Oil

The regular application of beard oil keeps hair follicles healthy, thereby resulting to a smooth and shiny beard. Likewise, organic beard oils also come in a variety of scents, making the beard even more attractive. From woody to masculine scents, beard oil can make men look and smell their best.

Top Beard Growing Tips

Exercising if Great for the Beard

Exercising can stimulate testosterone production in the body, enabling the faster growth of androgenic hair. Likewise, it also facilitates blood circulation necessary for hair growth.

Eat Protein-Rich Food

Loading up on protein-rich food such as pork chops, lean beef, fish, yogurt, seeds, soy milk, tofu and cheese can also stimulate faster hair and nail growth.

Get Enough Sleep

The body can only function optimally when it receives adequate rest and sleep. Hence, it is important for men to sleep for about 7 to 8 hours a day to not only to facilitate beard growth, but to allow the body’s organs to recuperate.

In contrary to popular belief, growing a beard is a big responsibility. It is a decision every bearded man should make every day as it requires patience, dedication and self-restrain.