Embracing an active lifestyle is a big step towards living longer. However, many athletes often overlook the importance of cultivating healthy grooming habits. In turn, diseases related to poor hygiene practices are taking a toll on many sports enthusiasts. With fungal infections slowly creeping their way to the lives of sports participants, proper hygiene is paramount to secure their overall health and wellness.

To lessen vulnerability to infections and diseases, below are some of the top hygiene practices that every athlete should not neglect:

Don’t Skip on Proper Hand Washing Techniques

Building good grooming habits starts with proper hand washing. Nonetheless, a lot of athletes fail to wash their hands before and after training, making them more susceptible to infections. The hands are prone to contracting hundreds to thousands of germs and bacteria, especially when training outdoors, so it is integral to put hand washing at the top of every athlete’s priority list. When washing the hands, use soap that has strong anti-bacterial properties. If soap is unavailable, lathering on sanitizers can do the magic trick.

Don’t Wait an Hour before Taking a Shower

Bacteria thrive on sweaty clothes, so the longer athletes put their nighttime shower routine on hold, the higher their chances of welcoming harmful bacteria into their body. Also, aside from taking quick showers to get rid of germs, it’s important for athletes to buy products that work to their advantage. Unlike commercially-manufactured soaps, organic soaps fair better in providing the hands and the body the extra protection and moisture they need since these products were made with high quality ingredients, including natural extracts such as glycerin. Aside from their intensive moisturizing properties, organic soaps with natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients provide the hands and other parts of the body solid support and defense against microbes.

Pamper Feet

Having athlete’s foot is not only embarrassing, but it can also be exceedingly difficult for sports enthusiasts to put their feet back to tip-top shape once fungal infections come into play. In this regard, prevention is always the key to making sure that the foot is not going to entertain any unwanted microbes. By taking off socks immediately after a long day of hard training and keeping the feet dry after cleaning it rigorously, health buffs won’t have to worry about athlete’s foot.

In the like manner, pampering the feet by applying foot salve can keep calluses, dry skin, cracked heels and itchiness off athlete’s tracks. While a lot of athletes take these creams for granted, foot salves are products that can optimize any sports enthusiast’s experience on the field since they lessen unnecessary discomfort.

Don’t Ditch the Deodorants

Deodorants are an important grooming item for every athlete as it deodorizes body odor. Instead of using antiperspirants that clog the pores and block passageways for microbes to successfully exit the body, a deodorant works using a healthier mechanism as it facilitates the release of sweat, minus the unwanted body odor.

As an added pointer for amateur and expert athletes, choosing organic deodorants are better since they do not contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that can potentially lead to one’s vulnerability to contracting diseases later on in life. Since achieving holistic health and wellness is every athlete’s goal, sticking to natural deodorants and grooming products is their best option in eliminating health risks.

Keep Equipment Clean

Hitting the gym or working out at home may be a regular part of an athlete’s daily routine, but it doesn’t mean that this can be generally advantageous, hygiene-wise. Keeping the equipment sanitized by cleaning it every after use can eliminate the chance of spreading germs. This is especially true if the gym equipment is kept at home. Since young and old members of the family may be exposed to these sets of equipment, they can also be susceptible to diseases, making it crucial for athletes and body builders to responsibly handle their equipment.

While focusing on keeping the body healthy is essential, it is important for athletes to develop a holistic approach in sustaining their body’s needs. By taking their personal care regimen up a notch, they can eliminate risks for infection as they perform their daily routines.