Winter Skincare Tips For Bearded Men

Winter is here, which means it’s time to store away the light clothes and bring out those warm coats, scarves, and umbrellas. Our circadian rhythm falls under the influence of seasonal changes, so in addition to adapting their outfits to new weather conditions - many men choose to adjust their diets. But what about skincare? And what about your carefully groomed beard? Both your skin and your fuzz need special care during the winter days, especially due to the increased air humidity, harsh wind, and sudden changes in temperature. Have no fear: with a switch of products and an update of your skin routine, you’ll have a healthy, amazing looking skin and a beard that everybody will be envious of.

Restore your skin’s natural oils

Your skin goes through a lot of stress under the influence of the external factors. During the winter months, it’s more prone to severe damage due to the dryness of the air, low temperatures, and exposure to cold wind. This is why it’s important to switch to a more emollient and creamy structured products. Most of the soaps strip your skin from its moisturizing oils, which can result in the feeling of tightness or even skin cracks. If you like keeping your routine as simple as possible, consider switching to a moisturizing natural face and beard wash that’s free from harmful chemicals. It will also help with patchy beard and dandruff.

Don’t over-wash your beard

Frequent beard washing is not advisable. Depending on your skin’s type and the structure of your beard, you may want to wash it twice or three times per week. Try to listen to its needs. The fact is, harsh chemicals can dry out both your skin and your beard. Switch to a natural handmade soap enriched with natural ingredients such as olive oil or coconut butter, to avoid skin redness, itch, and a brittle, coarse beard.

Remember to hydrate, inside and out

To keep your skin well-hydrated, make sure your water intake is optimal. Choose a natural face mask and moisturizer that will lock in the moist and leave it nourished and smooth. Make sure it contains natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties that help with reducing irritation and some antioxidants that will help you battle pesky free-radicals. If you have sensitive skin, you can take add an additional step: boost your skincare routine with serums. They will add an additional protective layer to your skin.

 Extra hydration for the fuzz

Just like your skin, your beard is exposed to harsh weather conditions. That’s why going heavy on the moisturizers is advisable. Opt for the fuzz-friendly beard oil as it has several benefits: think of it as a leave in conditioner for the beard. It helps with preventing flakiness and irritation, but it can also be used as a styling product. Tame the unruly hairs and soften their structure: within just a couple of weeks of using the oil, you will notice that the roughness is reduced. Ladies will also appreciate it. In addition to helping you with dryness, it also gives you a nice subtle scent.

Thicker and healthier beard

In addition to the beard oil, find a suitable beard balm that contains natural sealants. To make your beard look thicker, turn to products with shea butter: this miracle ingredient will strengthen your beard and make it appear fuller.

Get the maximum out of your products

Many men use certain beard products and are left unsatisfied with the results. The problem may be with the way you apply the product, not in the formula itself. Use a detangling beard comb: after washing your face and towel-drying it, gently comb your beard. Then apply the desired products and comb it through again. This will ensure the product is applied evenly and your facial hair will soak it all in.

Style it like a pro

There are many different beard styles you can try out. It may be the best to visit a barber when you decide what you want and then invest in the right kind of grooming kit in order to touch it up when necessary. Avoid the sloppy look: it takes minimum effort to maintain the cut once you’ve got your look at the barber’s shop.

Precision is the key

If you have a full beard, trimming and shaping are mandatory for a sleek look. Go an extra mile and invest in a precise straight razor and a shave soap which will help you to define your neckline and achieve a nice beard line.

With autumn arriving, a simple switch to natural formulas and heavier hydrating products will do the trick!


Peter is a grooming editor of High Style Life magazine from Brisbane. Beside writing he worked as a grooming consultant for many events in UK and AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.