Your Gym Bug-out Bag

It’s the New Year, which brings about new resolutions, many of which are to “get in shape”.  If you are regular at the gym, the New Year brings an influx of new and enthusiastic bodies looking to drop some weight and reach their newly acquired goals.  If you’re trying to reduce your plastic footprint as well, there are a few things to consider when planning your gym bug-out bag for your car.    Don’t worry, it’s easy and will get compliments if you’re looking for that type of thing.

The main focus point should be the bag itself.  Before running to the store or online marketplace to get that go-to gym bag, consider a functional and stylish alternative.  The typical gym bag is made from polyester and often cheaply made in china.  Having a bag that will last and made from a natural material, will not only help the environment, but also give you that attractive rugged look.   Style can be important at the gym, especially if you’re single and are looking to stand out.  Think naturally constructed bag – hemp, cotton, flax, linen, leather, etc. and preferably made in the USA.

There are quite of few stylish offerings if one where to spend a little time rather than a quick impulse buy.  One that I have really enjoyed over the years is a bag called a Pack Basket made in the Adirondack Mountains.  They are traditional packs that are woven from a heavy reed with a strong wooden base.  Canvas and leather straps turn this into a bag built for mountain hikes, let alone a convenient ready-to-go gym bag.  Easily a daily user and a real head turner.  I have used the same bag for years without any visible wear, which can attest to the craftsmanship involved. 

bag (1 of 1).jpg

What items should go in the bag? 

If you are a level about minimalist, you could include essentials including an organic towel, water bottle, post workout snack, and basic personal care items like soap and deodorant. Water bottles are necessary to help gauge how much you have drank as well as the obvious tool of hydration.  Reusing a glass grolsch style bottle has been my favorite.  The glass of these bottles is super thick and has a metal, rubber, and ceramic clasping top that is easy to clean and user friendly.  You can find these bottles typically from your grocer.  Other simple alternatives would be reusing a wine bottle with a cork as this was the traditional method for ages and still continues to be very effective.  No, I have never broken a bottle.

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If you have access to showers at your gym, having a good bar of soap, deodorant, and fresh towel is key after beasting it up.  I like to cut a bar of good smelling soap in half and stick it in a metal tin.  The metal tin keeps wet soap from getting on anything else.  Lastly, a good fluffy towel just makes you feel that much better.  If you’re able, go organic for the sake of worldly creatures, as cotton is one of those crops that uses an insane amount of pesticide and fertilizer.

Next time your boss gives you a hard time or just want to burn off that daily grind, bug-out to the gym with a ready to go bag that you can use for years to come.