Wondering How an Aftershave Serum Differs from a Splash or Lotion?

After a clean shave, even with a new razor, we have all experienced the seemingly unavoidable adverse effects of using aftershave.

The most common effects are the annoying post-shave irritation and the aggravating burning sensation.

You have switched razors multiple times, but nothing has changed. The aftershave still burns your skin and leaves it dry.

So what’s the problem?

Luckily, it’s not you.

It’s your aftershave.

Types of Aftershave

Aftershave comes in all shapes, sizes, brands, and most importantly; ingredients.

The most common types are splashes, lotions, balms, and serums.

The differences in the ingredients cannot be seen with the naked eye, however they can be immediately felt. When you put on your aftershave and it begins to burn—you’re most likely using splashes and lotions, not balms and serums.

Ingredients in Splashes and Lotions

As if the burning sensation wasn’t enough, the ingredients in splashes and lotions cause other adverse effects, such as dry, flaky, and blotchy skin.

The culprit:


Your average aftershave splashes and lotions contain an ingredient called isopropyl alcohol.

This substance is a cheap alternative for sanitizing skin and avoiding infection, but the consequence is dry skin and burning with every use. The same ingredient is found in many household and agricultural maintenance products such as insecticide, antifreeze, furniture polish, paint thinner, flea and tick treatment, herbicide, and many other products that you would never want to put on your skin.

Ingredients in Balms and Serums

Aftershave balms and serums are noticeably different in the way they make your skin feel, noticeably different in the way they your skin look, and noticeably different in the ingredients they contain.

Instead of harsh chemicals found in poisonous products, such as isopropyl alcohol, balms and serums are made with natural components. Natural aftershave suppliers such as Alluvian sell products that exchange the alcohol for natural extracts.

An extract used in the Alluvian Aftershave Serum is Colombian Cacay Oil.

This particular extract contains an excellent amount of Vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant, used to sanitize your skin without leaving it dry.

Colombian Cacay Oil also contains Vitamin A which repairs damaged and dry skin, and Vitamin F which strengthens cell membranes, leaving your skin cells strong and resilient.

Other common ingredients used in balms and serums include Shea Butter, which is a source of nourishment for the skin, and Aloe Vera, which provides relief from irritation and dryness.

The major differences between splashes and lotions, and balms and serums are the ingredients.

Splashes and lotions contain alcohol, which is the cheap substitute for all of the natural vitamins balms and serums contain.

The Result Of Using A Quality Grooming Product


A rapid difference can be seen once you start using natural aftershave balms and serums.

The ingredients compliment the skin, using extracts that support your skin instead of irritating it, leaving the skin with a healthy glow and smooth feel.

The Whole Routine

Applying aftershave is crucial part of the end of your shaving routine, but it isn’t the only part.

Changing your aftershave to the natural alternative alone is enough to begin to feel a difference, however to truly care for your skin and eliminate avoidable irritation, there are several other changes you can add to your routine.

To properly avoid shaving nicks and irritation, you will need the proper equipment.

Although the quality razor is important, most people do not realize that the problem most likely comes from another source.

A common problem is the use of aerosol shaving cream.

The aerosol creates a thin, air-filled lather of shaving cream, which does not cover the skin as efficiently as the alternative.

Shaving soaps are a natural and more effective way to shave. Because shaving soaps are a solid bar, they can be lathered into a thick layer of soap, without air bubbles, allowing smoother passes with your razor.

Alluvian grooming company provides natural shaving soaps, as well as the proper brushes which create the thick lather.

These shaving soaps are usually made with the same natural ingredients found in Alluvian’s aftershave serum.

To make the job even more fool-proof, Alluvian sells pre-shave oil, which softens up facial hair, making it easier to cut clean with your razor.

If you eliminate harsh chemicals and ineffective shaving creams, the difference will be as clear as your skin. Combining shaving soap and brush, pre-shave oil, and natural serums, your skin will be looking and feeling clean, and this time you can skip the burning.



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