7 Habits of Well-Groomed Men

You know that one guy that seems so confident and full of life while excelling in his career as well as with the ladies? Well, there is no secret to his devilish charm; the man simply invests time and effort into his grooming, picking his clothes and leading an all-around healthy lifestyle.

Here are 7 ways you can become even better than that guy.


Cleanliness is sexy

The majority of men seem to forget, or never learn, the importance personal hygiene has in their overall appearance, the way they attract people and the way people perceive them. That means women in particular. You can’t expect your boss to respect you if you look sloppy and can you imagine a woman going out on a second date with you if you smell like your gym bag?

That’s why using a total body scrub on a regular basis should become a part of your daily routine. Your colleagues will thank you and you will score that second date before the first one is even over.


Stay fresh

In order to keep your post-shower freshness lasting as much as possible, you will want to use a healthy deodorant stick. But remember, applying deodorant directly onto hairy skin will only make you smell worse when you start to sweat, so make sure to trim your armpit hair beforehand.

Additionally, stay away from antiperspirants and deodorants with alcohol, and stick to a healthy, natural deodorant that nourishes the skin and has a neutral smell. Remember, deodorants keep you dry and fresh, perfumes and colognes make you smell good.


Buff up your mug

Along with having perfect, white teeth, which we’ll talk about in a minute, you have to keep your face looking smooth, clean, and moisturized. That means no cracked skin, no zits, warts or scars, no chapped lips and certainly no untidy facial hair.

In order to keep your face mug shot ready, and red carpet approved at all times, use natural facial oil that will moisturize the skin and get rid of those pesky irregularities. Also, be sure to schedule a session with your dermatologist once in a while for some good old face cleansing.


Love thy beard

In case you haven’t noticed already, having a beard is a sign of manliness and success. And women go crazy for it. It’s been like that for ages – never in human history has any man said “beards aren’t manly”, and if they had, they were just jealous.

But you can’t have any old beard, oh no, styling a beard is serious business and it can make you look like a bum or like a millionaire, so style wisely. You will have to nourish the beard with quality beard oil, trim, shape, buff up or tone down your beard in accordance with your facial composition.


Eat to look young

Having a healthy diet means you skip the junk food and you cook your meals using natural ingredients and sticking to lean meat, healthy fats and vegetables. And because food today generally tends to lack the proper amount of vitamins, you should supplement with Biocare multivitamins that can help you replenish the essential nutrients, keeping your skin looking healthy and your body feeling young.


Assemble a squad

The vitality of a well-groomed male directly depends on the people he trusts with his appearance and his habits. This means you should trust your barber and your tailor, make frequent visits, but also use accessories like perfumes in moderation.

Plenty can be said of a man based on his posture and physique, so be sure to make that perfectly-tailored suit fit even better with proper exercise.


Buff the grin

Finally, a man’s devilish charm comes with a winning smile, and having a pearly set of teeth is not reserved solely for celebrities and people who drank lots of milk when they were young. If you want to win big with your smile, make sure to brush twice a day, floss thoroughly and implement some natural whitening methods into your regime.


Let these 7 tips become an inseparable part of your lifestyle and you will look younger, become more confident and people will love you for it.