For the Love of Mustache

We all get to that point when we want to just go full mustache.  In every mans life it happens - the time when a beard is reduced, one check at a time, until curiosity builds. 

Can I pull off a mustache?  Should I?

No matter what your preconceived notions of mustaches are…creepy, old fashioned, or simply difficult to pull off, it needs to be experienced.  Shave those cheeks and chin but put that razor down before the top lip.  Embrace the stash and join society not as a new man, but a man who isn’t afraid to try something new.  The results may surprise you.

Trying out a stash is fairly simple to do discreetly.  I have never, nor do I recommend, growing one out on its own.  It needs to be sheltered by a face of uniform stubble, grown and nurtured, for a months time.  Then, when the time is right, pull out a pair of trimmers and rid yourself of training wheels.  Shave your face clean to get the full stash effect.  Enjoy the experience.  You’re now ready to take that stash out.  It needs freedom and the eyes of another human.

The maiden voyage can be a little unnerving so going out with confidence will help set the tone.  Dress yourself up with an outfit you appreciate, that shows your style.  This helps get you out the house and ensure a successful landing. 

Don’t be surprised by the compliments.

If you enjoyed the ride, keep it for a week.  Try out some product - a wax, balm or oil to lightly scent, soften and bring some vitality to those whiskers.  By taking care of the stash, your stash will take care of you.