The Art of Being a Gentleman


In the modern world where chivalry is all but extinct, there’s nothing as sexy and irresistible as coming across a true gentleman. It’s like coming across a living, breathing dinosaur. Only wearing a perfect stubble and hot as hell. It’s not that difficult to rock the gentleman role, you know.

It might take some time and effort, sacrifice, and plenty of practice, but you too can develop an aura of irresistibility around yourself so strong everyone will either want to be like you, or with you. Are you ready to learn what it takes to become a gentleman? Let’s dive in.

A man with a sense of style

First things first, a real gentleman has an impeccable taste when it comes to personal attire. He is able to pick out the outfit of the day with no trouble at all while walking from the bathroom to the kitchen and his combination of fashionable and manly details would make the highest echelon of the fashion industry go “damn”.

So, a gentleman has to know how to carry his style with him no matter where he goes. He wears an impeccable suit to the office complemented with a striking tie and a watch. For his leisure gatherings, he knows how to rock a pair of boots, distressed jeans, and a bad-boy look complete with a faux leather jacket.

A gentleman is well-groomed


An impeccable outfit is not complete without a manly haircut, a trimmed stubble, and a glowing, nurtured complexion. In essence, a gentleman has to be well-groomed in addition to being well-dressed. Therefore, not only do you want to shape and maintain your facial hair with a set of fine grooming tools every morning, but you want to keep your personal hygiene high as well.

Be sure to wear just a hint of manly fragrance one would only notice if they got close, always keep your hair, beard, and mustache clean and neat, and buff up your grill to show off that pearly set of whites. Remember, there’s nothing more irresistible than a man with a ravishing smile.

He knows his spirits

Next, a real gentleman knows how to handle his liquor. But beyond having the skillset and the maturity to drink fashionably and responsibly, he knows how to choose his drinks. Particularly, he is well-versed in spirits selection and tasting without coming off as pompous or arrogant.

Developing your spirit palate will take some trial and error, but if you are new to the drinking game, you want to learn from the Aussies. Australia is one of the leading spirits and wine distributor in the world, with renowned vintages hailing from some of the richest soils on the continent and from all around the world. You can even review and find Japanese Yuzu sake with a unique taste of both sweet and sour. Start with a single bottle and build your palate from there.

His personality lies in his manners


Bumping into a man with perfect manners is wishful thinking more than anything else nowadays, and you want to capitalize on the trending social norms. Gentlemanly manners are all but extinct, archaic, but there is nothing women (and men) like to see more than a gentleman who holds the door, pulls out a chair, and takes their coat. Simply irresistible.

So, you want to fix your posture, pull those shoulder blades back, put a smile on your face, and treat everyone around you as if they were your friends. Remember, you want to win people over, not make them your enemies.

He is unique and irresistible

Finally, a true gentleman should have at least one unique trait that sets him apart from everyone else. Along with clothes, cleanliness, manners, and a rich palate, you want to learn how to play an instrument, become an interesting and smart conversationalist, read up on a variety of topics, etc.

These skills and traits will allow you to present yourself as a full package deal – the looks, the brawn, and the brains. Speaking of brawn, remember that a suit always fits better on a sculpted, manly physique, so try to up your fitness game as well.

Being a gentleman in the 21st century is like being a demigod among mere mortals. You will be able to sway and bewilder everyone around you with ease, and you will become irresistible to everyone who meets your gaze. Use these essential tips, and you will become a true gentleman in no time.