The Top 5 Best Groomed Actors in 2019

Now more than ever, impeccable grooming is an essential component in the arsenal of any modern man. And as critical as a well-tailored jacket or a quality pair of dress shoes is, sprucing up is no longer the reserve of special occasions only.

That said, some of us do it better than others, and while any man can step his game up with the help of a few simple tips, the rich and famous tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes to male grooming.

There is perhaps no profession more highly respected (or envied) in the modern world than that of the A-list actor. Handsome, talented and super-rich, some of the globe’s leading gentlemen ply their trade in the film business, and naturally, grooming is another category within which they excel.

So, let’s look at some of the most well-turned-out actors of 2019.

Photo  by Nicolas Genin /  CC BY-SA 2.0

Photo by Nicolas Genin / CC BY-SA 2.0

George Clooney

The first entry in our list of best-groomed actors in 2019 needs no introduction whatsoever. A permanent fixture in Hollywood’s A-list for more than two decades, Clooney is the quintessential definition of what it means to age like a fine wine.

At 57, the “Ocean’s Eleven” front man has skipped the potentially hazardous route of hair-coloring in favor of a more natural look. These days, the celebrity crush of seemingly every middle-aged woman on the planet rocks a mature-bearded look, with expertly trimmed white whiskers flowing seamlessly into his neatly cropped hair.

We should note that for a man of his age, Clooney’s skin is impeccable, with minimal wrinkles and discoloration. One thing is for sure: He is a man who knows the value of a quality skin care product.

Chris Hemsworth

The star of many a superhero franchise, this Australian heartthrob is one of the most highly paid actors on the planet. With such a busy schedule, it is a wonder than Hemsworth can maintain such flawless grooming.

After being spotted sporting long hair and a fuller beard, the “Thor” star tends to keep a medium-short cut these days, which he tames with a natural-looking product. Going for a trimmed beard that accentuates his chiseled features, Hemsworth is a master at keeping it simple and playing to his strengths. The Aussie star is also known to be a big fan of a quality fragrance.

Photo  by Eva Rinaldi /  CC BY-SA 2.0

Photo by Eva Rinaldi / CC BY-SA 2.0

Kevin Hart

The most commercially successful comedian working today, Kevin Hart is also one of Hollywood’s biggest draws. The Philadelphia native is known for his super-high work ethic and a myriad of business ventures outside of acting and comedy.

Still, what many don’t know is that Hart is one of the best-groomed actors in the world, too. With expertly maintained skin, he clearly knows how to exfoliate and moisturize while his hair looks like it gets a fresh trim every couple of hours. Add to this an expertly maintained beard, and you have one of the best-turned-out gents in comedy.

Ryan Gosling

With his specific brand of squint-eyed good looks and louche charm, it seems like Ryan Gosling has been on the cover of every men’s magazine on the planet every month for the past five or so years.

With so much coverage of his flawless grooming and effortless style, you would mistakenly think we had reached peak Gosling. One quick glance at his 2019 look makes this idea sound laughable. 

With neat hair, ever so slightly longer whiskers and the complexion that gets better with age, this guy should feature high on every man’s life of grooming role models for 2019.

Photo  by Taís Melillo from New York, USA /  CC BY-SA 2.0

Photo by Taís Melillo from New York, USA / CC BY-SA 2.0

Will Smith

At 50, it seems as though Will Smith has been around forever. After waltzing into our lives as “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” Smith won admirers with his youthful good looks and charming facial hair. Since then, he has grown into one of the biggest movie stars of his generation, and he has developed a tight grooming regime to match his position at the top of the Hollywood food chain.

The “Aladdin” star’s skin is as clear as it was in his youthful years, but these days, it’s offset by a subtly short hairstyle rather than the high-top fade he once rocked. With a goatee that’s as well-kept as it is stylish, Smith continues to grow into his role of distinguished Hollywood A-lister.