Passionate, Loyal, and Engaging

You entered as one person, but will leave as part of a tribe.  We are a tribe of enthusiasts, activists, radicals, idealists and environmentalists. We are passionate about Alluvian and the mission to eliminate plastic associated with a grooming routine.  By engaging our network of friends and family, we can help educate, demonstrate, and promote this mission through social media, email, and other channels.  

Building Awareness

As an Alluvian Ambassador, you can help by...

  • emailing 3 friends or family about Alluvian using our template
  • provide feedback about free product sampling
  • relay a social media post we provide once a quarter
  • post your own impression and photo of a product we send you to social

What Will You Receive?

As an Alluvian Ambassador you will receive...

  • Free products to sample, voice opinion, and post about on social
  • Ambassador promotions
  • Newsletter about opportunities, activism, and products
  • Invites to special events